chapter 9

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Harry was looking at me expectantly, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

"Well?" He asked, "-are you gonna explain why you texted me at 11pm saying we need to talk."

I inhaled sharply, putting my hand over his. I felt the jolt at the contact, his hand was warm underneath my own. I looked sadly down at our hands and his gaze followed mine.

His mouth fell open as he saw the ring on my finger, sparkling and almost taunting him. He drew his hand back immediately and narrowed his eyes, he looked furious.

Pushing himself off the wall we were sitting on, he clenched his hands behind his neck groaning.

"I can't do this." He said, so quietly I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly.

He turned around, his jaw clenched and his eyes a fiery blue. "Go and live your happily ever after with your soulmate." He spat out the word like it was poison.

"Liam's not-", I started.

"No! Because you said yes, therefore you chose him!" He shouted the last couple of words, I flinched at him raising his voice.

He saw me step back a little and his eyes softened but then he turned around swiftly and walked away into the night.

I watched him go, hating myself for what I had done but I just couldn't tell Liam and my family the truth, I couldn't. A small voice inside of me called me a coward and an idiot for letting Harry go like that. However, I'd lived with the wrong soulmate for a long time and I could get used to it again.

I knew, deep down I would think of Harry on our wedding day, as I vowed to the wrong man. He was my soulmate, our paths were destined to cross and he was the only person I could ever grow to love.

I sighed, feeling tired all of a sudden so I called a cab and went home. My eyes drifted to the painting I had in my room, of Harry's eyes. I touched it, gently stroking them. I'd captured his mischievous, light expression perfectly. Quickly, I pulled it off the wall and shoved it in a draw somewhere, I didn't need any reminders of the love I could have had.


I turned and saw Liam standing there, his hair all ruffled up from sleep. He really was beautiful, his chiselled cheekbones and prominent jawline and those steely grey eyes that could almost be blue in some lighting. He had a beautiful mind too, often putting me first and his romantic gestures. He was in love with me, and maybe I loved him too. Not in the way I would love a soulmate, but I had grown to love certain things about him.

I patted the space next to me, on my bed. He smiled sleepily and lay next to me, stroking my hair away from my face. I flinched, swatting his hand away. This wasn't right. It actually repulsed me, how everytime I looked into his eyes I thought of the deep blue waves in Harry's. It sickened me, how Liam was holding me but all I could remember was the touch of his skin. The feeling of his on mine. It hurt, how he just left and now I'm with someone who's not him.

"The paintings gone." Liam murmured, half asleep.

"Hm?" I mumbled.

"The blue eyes, it's gone." He pointed at the space on the wall where it once hung.

"Yeah," I sighed, "it's gone."


this is so short, but I wanted to update.
i'm writing a zerkaa fanfic which i am so excited for, because i came up with the idea randomly and you guys will love it hopefully !!

thank you for 5k reads, that's pretty amazing.



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