chapter 3

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With flushed cheeks and bright eyes, I let myself back into my house. Humming a song under my breath as I kicked off my shoes and enjoyed the coloured interior of the house.

The first thing I did was run upstairs and take a look in the mirror. I gasped and opened my eyes in wonder, my hair was different to my parents. I had always assumed it was the same but instead of being dark, it was lighter and warm and I longed to know the colour.

My eyes were not sky-blue like Harry's, they were dark and sparkly with excitement. I itched to draw his eyes, all the pretty flashes of colour and the amusement in his expression. My life had always been boring, I did what I had to and carried the burden of my colourblindness. Now, I felt free and adventurous.

Harry wasn't a part of my normal routine, nor had I ever anticipated meeting him. He was my soulmate and he was utterly breathtaking.


The door crashed open, startling me as Liam walked in.

"Hey." He said, leaning against the doorframe and crossing his arms.

"Hi." I smiled quickly and returned to looking in the mirror.

"How was your walk?"


I saw him come up behind me in the mirror and he pressed his lips to my cheek. I almost shuddered, I didn't want his touch. Of course, I had to act like he meant the world to me but I always wondered if he knew, deep down.

"I'm really sorry about what happened earlier, Blair." He said softly, like I was fragile.

"I know." I nodded and buried my head into his chest. I felt him relax and lock his arms around me.

"My mother is hosting brunch tomorrow, she expects you to accompany me there." He said, rather carefully.

Liam and his family are incredibly well off, one of the reasons I don't visit him at his parents house is because I know his mother just turns down her nose at me. They wanted an upper-class, smart girl for their darling son and I'm just a city girl who likes to paint messy shades of black.

I sigh, rolling my eyes. "Do I have to go? Your mother hates me."

"She doesn't hate you!"

I put my head on the side, pretending to think. "Yes she does! She told me that I was never going to be good enough for you and that I need a real job!"

Liam pouted. "Don't be like that, honey."

"Fine, I'll go." I groaned, leaning further into him.

"Yes!" He smiled, "That's my girl."

I smiled back, thinking of the irony of it all.

"Want to go out to eat, tonight?" He suggested, fiddling with my hair. I reached up and slapped his hand away, scowling. I hated when he played with my hair.

"Actually, I need to paint something tonight." I smiled to myself.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at 11 o'clock sharp." He kissed me on the forehead and then leant down next to my ear. "I love you."

I wanted to scream at him and accuse him of not being the one to bring colour into my life, I wanted to tell him that I'd rather die than grow old with him but I couldn't because I would break his heart and I have an unhealthy obsession with trying to please everyone but myself.

"I love you too." I replied, automatically.

As soon as he left, I raided my art shelf to get all the paint that resembled the intensity of Harry's sky-blue eyes. I set up a fresh canvas and steadily outlined the outside of the eye. When it came to using colour, I just let it come naturally. After a few attempts, I got the hang of blending different shades of blue into each other.

When it was completed, I smiled and sat back admiring my work. I had never drawn people before but I was proud of this. His eyes gave me a sense of tranquility. I lazily watched the setting sun filter in through the blinds and onto my painting, bringing it to life. Sky blue, it's beautiful.

I mused over the events of earlier this day and I couldn't resist the small smile creeping up on my face when I thought of how he looked at me, like I was everything he's ever wanted.

Everything seemed to make sense.

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