chapter 14

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"Hi mum." I smiled tentatively, despite the unwelcoming vibe that hit me in the heart as soon as the door opened.

"Hi sweetheart, where have you been?" She asked, her voice so full of fake concern.

"I was just staying with a friend, but that's not the point," I tried to let her know I wanted to talk but she didn't seem to get the message.

"Okay, well I have to go to work soon so-"

"Mum!" I shouted, "I need to talk to you."

She raised her eyebrows but smiled anyway. "Sure, sweetie, what is it?"

I opened my mouth to talk but it seemed as if my words had just left me, I looked down at my feet on the carpeted floor of our living room and tried to think about how to tell her everything that has been going on.

"I'm colourblind." I suddenly said, in one go. "At least, I was colourblind." I hastily corrected myself, unable to look up. "Liam wasn't my soulmate."

After what seemed like a lifetime, I looked up and saw her staring at me in utter disbelief. My eyes swivelled to my dad who had just entered the room and had clearly heard what I had said and the silence was so deafening I suddenly felt so small.

"Blair, what are you talking about?" My dad said, stepping into the room.

"Liam wasn't my soulmate," I said, again. "I just went along with it because-"

I paused. "Because I was scared."

I waited for them to rush to my side and tell me that everything was going to be okay and they love me no matter what.

That didn't happen.

"So it's your fault he's dead." My mother said, her mouth pulled into a taut line.

I gasped, stepping back. The remanent of hope I was holding onto slipped out of my grasp and fell onto the red floor. 

"How could you be so cruel?" My dad shouted, his eyes ablaze with anger.

I shook my head as tears began to spill down my face. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I sobbed as I ran out of the house and all the way back to Harry's flat I didn't say a word. I finally had closure, and hypothetically I thought I would be walking out of my house all smiles and hugs and introducing my parents to Harry but quite the opposite had happened.

"Can't we just run away?" I sniffed, closing my eyes as I leant on Harry's shoulder.

This is becoming a cycle, bitter ending after bitter ending and it's always Harry, the one who picks me up and comforts me.

He stroked my hair and switched off the movie that had been playing in the background. "We can't just run away from our problems, Blair." He sighed.

"They hate me." I whimpered.

He didn't say anything for a while and I like that about him because he knew when to just be there for me, we sat there and it was somewhat comforting to know there was still someone here with me.

"I used to want to leave my life behind too. Create a new beginning. Be born again, a new person, completely different from before. I used to want to escape from everything I knew." Harry said into the silence.

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