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//Your POV//

I woke up and seen Anti sleeping like an angle. I giggled and carefully got up to go make breakfast. Luckily the door was opened already. First I got dressed into some sweats (any color/style) and a (any shirt). After that I walked into the kitchen and was startled by someone knocking on the living room window. I jumped and gasp before looking at the window to see a sad and depressed looking Blade. I walked over to the window. I didn't know why Anti was so mad at him or what he did, but never bothered asking. I walked over and opened the window.

"What do you need Blade? Can I get you something?" He grabbed my arm and poured a grey liquid over it. Then the 'A' that Anti put before, had come back.

"Bomb and I would like some breakfast please." After that he closed the window and  floated back to the roof. I was dumb founded, but went to the kitchen and made some hash browns and eggs for every one along with glasses of orange juice. Once I was done I put Blade and Bombs food on a open window and called there name. I didn't wait to see them get there food I just walked into Anti's room to wake him up.

I quietly tip-toed in the room until I stood over Anti. I then yelled as loud as I could.

"WAKE UP!" He jumped up and threw the blankets off of him while I was rolling on the floor crying and laughing.

"Fucking hell you gave me a heart attack!" He said holding his chest where his heart should be (see what I did there, since he's a demon).

"I-I'm so sah-sah-sorry! "I started to calm down and sat on the floor. Anti started to chuckle a little.

"So, why did you wake me up?" Anti asked while he sat on the bed with his legs hanging off the bed and pulled me onto his lap.

"Breakfast is ready were ha-" Before I could answer his eyes went wide and he picked my up bridal style and ran into the kitchen. He set me down on a chair and sat next to me. The food was already on the table since I set it up earlier.

Anti started to stuff his face while I ate much more civilized and used a fork instead of MY HANDS!

"You know, they have forks for a reason, right?" I asked him with one eyebrow raised. He looked at me like I was an alien.

"Wait! You're supposed to eat eggs.... with a fork?" He asked me making the a face a child makes when they find out santa isn't real. I laughed at the face he made and his response. He nervously chucked at me making my laugh more.

//Jeffory's POV//

Me and f/n have gotten pretty close to each other. I was thinking that maybe when all of this was over with I could ask her out. Y/N was cool and all, but I only really ever liked looks and confidence. But I loved everything about f/n. Her hair, eyes, personality, and her brains. A the moment we were at my house looking at a map and talking about all the possible places she could be. We had a strong belief that she was ok nod not dead. We new she was ok. She HAD to be.

"So we checked here, here, here, here, the cops checked these places..." F/N put a orange tack everywhere we looked, a blue tack were the cops looked, and purple tacks were other people looked. We were trying to find all the possible places she could be.

"We checked everywhere! It's getting harder and harder to find her! She could be around the world right now for all we know!" I said sadly with a hint of anger as put my head in my hands.

"Well, we hardly even looked at Raspy Hill." She said pointing to the most terrifying place in Ireland.

"WHAT! You and I, and EVERYONE knows that you don't come back when you do up there!" I said with wide eyes and yelled a little.

"We have to send someone up there or something! Were running out of places to look!" She also yelled a little.

//35 minutes later//

F/N and I yelled at each other and fought for 35 minutes until we finally stopped.

"Ok, I miss y/n as much as the next guy, But you know we can't go to Raspy Hill." I told her with a sad face.

"I know, but we have to-" Before she could finish I cut her off.

"I will ask the police to check it out tomorrow since you want to so bad, ok?" She sighed but nodded.

"Lets go get something to eat. How about.... Taco bell?" She nodded and we walked out the library after we picked up the maps they let us have. 'I hope we find y/n soon...' I thought before driving to the closest taco bell.

//Darks POV//

I knew what I was gonna do tomorrow. I was gonna let Madds and y/n get to know each other at Anti's, while I spent the day with him to catch up. I decided to spend my day with Madd-E and I would help her complete more task. She only had five more to go. They five task were killing a child in of a family member, skin a person, act like you love one then kill there family, slowly kill a homeless person, and then kill a the children in a foster home. She was making me very proud of her.

"Dark, can we go visit the mall!" Madd-E said running into my room with the phone to her ear.

"Sure, but I'm going to spencers!" Madd-E nodded and I told her a simple "Yes, sure we can go." which made her super happy she screamed excitedly and the person on the phone scream, too.

"OMG, killings he said yes!" I smirked and she ran out the room and yelled "ILL BE WAITING IN THE CAR!" (yes killings is me. What? I cant have any fun?) I smiled and walked t the car.

//After shopping all day//

Me and Madds got home with me carrying the bags. I dropped them in our room, took off my shirt and pants and went to bed in my under wear. Madd-E said she was going to pick everything she bought up and then go to sleep. I fell asleep in my dimly lit room on my bed with black pillows, blankets, and sheets. I liked the color black. It brought out my Dark side. (see what I did there? cause his name is Dark and..... Ok ill go away now) I fell sleep peacefully.

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