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//Madd-E's POV//

I couldn't believe this. Dark, the one I trusted, the one who helped me when I needed it, the one who taught me that its good to live a little................ the one I luved, killed me. I cried my eyes out as I went to Satans temple. I couldn't do this anymore, I have to become human again. It had been about a year or two sine I turned into a demon, so I knew my family was still alive. I made it to his temple and summand him.

"Hello Madison, is there a reason you came to me at such a late hour?" He asked a little annoyed. I tried my best not to burst into tears.

"Is there a way I could turn back to a human?" I asked playing with my fingers and stepping closer to him. He smiled an evil smile.

"You found out, didn't you?" He asked me leaning forward. I shook my head and he laughed.

"Yes, but you wont like it. And I need to get rid of your markings first." He said when he stopped laughing. I sighed and moved my wrist close to him and he grabbed it. I felt the same burn like when I first got it but just gritted my teeth and closed my eyes.

"There, all done. Now, sweet dreams." He said making me confused until everything started to go black and I fell to the ground, the last thing I heard was Satan's loud, evil laughter. Then everything was gone.

//Anti's POV//

"Wilford, why did you come here?" I questioned already knowing that Blade and his dumb self invited him. Wilford smiled at me.

"Well Anti, I just couldn't miss out on a slumber party! Now could I?" He laughed and I teleported in front of him grabbing him by the collar of his stupid shirt.

"Listen Wilford, I've dealt with enough crap today and would like it if you left. Now get your stupid, pink self out!" I yelled the last part and he jumped.

"Fine, I guess I WONT pick up the two brats then, good-bye." He stared for the door but I stopped him.

"There being baby sat, go get them." I ordered and he smiled before leaving. I turned and everyone looked like sad or confused.

I sighed and just went off to my room to get some sleep with y/n following me. We got into my room and went to bed without saying a word, I pulled her close and she hugged me. We then slowly went off to bed.

//Jeffory's POV//

me and y/f were about to give up on looking for y/n. We were at the same store we went to a few days ago to bye something to eat since we had stayed at my place and we were running out of food. We grabbed chips, soda, bread, sandwich meat, cheese and some water bottles and walked to the cash register.

"Hello, will this be al- wait, aren't you the two kids who were looking for the lost gurl?" She pointed at us, me and f/n looked at each other and back at the lady and shook our heads yes.

"Yeah, her name is y/n, she's been missing for a while. Why?" Y/F asked the store clerk who's smile grew huge.

"I seen her! She was with some green haired boy and when I tried asking if it was her they ran away!" She said happily.

"Really! Wait, are you just trying to get our hopes up? they did this at the cloth store too." I said and she thought for a bit before waving us to the back room, me and y/f hesitated before following her.

There had three computer screens and a giant control panel under it. She walked to the panel and typed stuff in, then I seen it. It was me and y/f and the store and the people that were behind us, it showed us leaving and the two people going next. I couldn't hear what the said but after a while it showed them running and then the lady switched to the outside camra and paused it. I looked at where it paused and there she was, looking as beautiful as the day I met her.

"That's her! Its y/n! She's alive!" Y/F cried pointing at the footage as I looked at it in disbelieve.

"Did you see where they ran!" I asked her almost yelling she shook her head.

"Yes, they ran behind a building in an ally way not to far from Raspy Hill. When I looked in the ally they were gone, but the ally had only one way out." She said crossing her arms. "I don't understand it, I think they just hid behind something but I don't know." She now shook her head.

After we talked to her for a little bit and paid for our food we went back to my house. It was starting to drizzle so we started to run. when we got there y/f burst into tears.

"Whats wrong? Are you ok?" I asked her as I set the groceries down and wiped away her tears. She looked at me then out the window, then back at me.

"When it rained outside." She sniffled "y/n would say the sky was crying, and one time when I was sad she told that just because the sky was crying, that didn't mean I had to cry too." She giggled at the end and said all of that looking out the window. "I miss her, so much." She said and hugged me, I hugged back.

"Hey, its all going to be ok, I promise you we will find her. I promise." We hugged each other tighter for a while until I pulled away. "Lets get something to eat, ok?" I asked her and she nodded. We then walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and some chips before going on the sofa and putting on "the avengers".

//Half way through the movie//

I couldn't stop looking at y/f. Everything about y/f was so perfect, like the was she laughed. I luved her laugh. She turned her head to look at me and we stayed like that until she started to lean in, I did the same. We were inches from each other, then centimeters, then no space at all.

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