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Your POV

I was walking and I felt like in would burst in tears at any moment. I had the feeling that I was being watched but ignored it and kept listening to my music. I checked my new phone I got from the small amount of money I made and checked the time '1:32 AM, just great! I'm totally going to be sleeping in class tomorrow, oh well.' I thought as I put my phone back in my pocket.

"Its not good to sleep in class." I heard a deep Irish voice behind me and froze in place.

"Ha-ha-how did you umm... da-da-do that?" I asked still not turning around.

"Well, I believe demons can do that can they not?" said the voice as they turned me to face them. It was a male, he was a few inches taller than me, his hair was a dark green and his eyes were weird, one was plane black w/ a blue line in he middle of it like a cat eye, the other one was a septiceye, it was green with a big black pupil and blue rim, he had super sharp teeth and was very pale, almost gray.

"what do you want? I'm not useful if you need something. I'm a loser." I mumbled the last part but he must've heard me because he had a look of sadness in his eyes, but most of it was still evil looking.

"To bad, your coming w/ me! I don't care if your useful or useless!" he said and grabbed my arm tightly so I wouldn't run away. I seen the blood on his cloth and had a huge smile on my face when he said that.

"Rlly! Ok lets go!" I smiled wider, he looked confused. "Your going to kill me right?" I was really hoping he would so I wouldn't be in this hell whole any longer.

"umm... no but your going to wish you were!" before I could say anything else we were surrounded by a green smoke, once it faded we were in a dark room w/ black carpet and green walls, here was a king sized white bed and a window that looked like it was never opened, there was also two doors, one on one across the window on another wall and on a wall across the bed.

"Well now that were here let me tell you how things will work around here, you do as I say and ask no questions, you will clean around the house and when I go out you stay here and don't speak to the guest unless they talk to you first, got it?"

"yes sir." I said and looked around the room some more.

"Ok good, now I'm Antisepticeye, but you call me Anti or sir, and who are you?" he said looking at me w/ his arms crossed.

"I'm y/n, and if you don't mind me asking where do I sleep?" I Asked looking a him.

"Normally I wouldn't let you ask questions, but your new so come this way." I followed him to the door across from the window , but it wasn't a normal door. It had no handle 'how the fuck do you open this?' I thought to myself forgetting Anti could read minds.

"Mind control so only I can open it, and other demons, all the other doors are normal though so no worries, exept the front door front door, so you can't leave or come in my room." he said and then opened the door for me. I nodded and walked out the door with him, we went to the door next to his and I opened it. I made a face showing I hated the room. The floor was purple carpet and the walls were pink like the bed covering and the curtain on the window, the room was set up like his but my bed was smaller. There was a white night stand an a salmon lamp on the left side and a makeup thing on the other side, and a tall white closet by the makeup. The only different thing is there was no second door across from the bed.

"What's wrong? I made it how a gurl would like it?" Anti said confused.

"well.... I hate the colors pink and purple, I like f/c and s/f/c. Also I don't use makeup, but sometimes I do my hair, and the white is ok." I told him "I also like soccer, not salmon." I added.

"ugh fine miss picky." he snapped his fingers and all the pink turned f/c exept the bed was s/f/c along w/ anything that was purple and the makeup thing was now full of headbands and hair ties, also the salmon lamp was now a soccer ball lamp and I had a few soccer pillows on the bed, and all the white things stayed there color.

"thank you Anti!" I told him and turned to face him.

"whatever, and now that that's done, I took your phone and there is a list of chores on the night stand, I'm only going easy on you because its your first day so, don't get used to it ok?" He said sternly and I nodded, he left the room and i picked up the chore list it said:

Do The:

*laundry (door down the hall)

*kitchen (downstairs)

*bathroom (across from my room)

P.S. laundry is on bathroom floor

well I better get started.

Antis POV

After I left y/n's room I went to the living room and sat on the couch, I then turned on the PS4 and started to play "Fallout 4" because I was bored, while it was loading I heard the washer 'at least she isn't being rebellious' I thought. 'I wander why she was so happy to be kidnapped, Isn't that like a bad thing? She must something wrong w/ her' I couldn't help but replay the moment in my head over and over. I couldn't get her smile out of my head. She had such hope and joy in that smile, it was so amaz-horrible I meant horrible, I hate seeing humans happy, I'm a demon not some sappy soul. I just want her to get out of my mind!

your POV

After I put the cloths in the washer I decided to clean the bathroom next. It was so gross, but I managed it. I used cleaning supplies from under the sink and cleaned the tub and sink which had dried blood and some weird orange, crusty stuff on it. Then came the floor, mirror, and then... the toilet... it took me half an hour to clean the bathroom, the I put the wet cloth in the dryer and went to the kitchen. As I walked down the stairs I seen a passed out Anti on the couch w/ the remote for his PS4 in his hand and the T.V. said he died on the game. I giggled and went to turn of the PS4. when I did I took the remote and put it on the coffee table and laid Anti down and put a blanket I found in a closet on him. 'he's so peaceful when he sleeps and kinda... nah not that' I thought and walked in the kitchen to clean.

when I was putting away the last plate I had cleaned earlier I heard Anti starting to wake up.

"Hey Anti, I'm almost done w/ the laundry and I finished bathroom, too." I told him as he rubbed his eyes and nodded.

"Ok well, when you are done w/ the cloth put mine by my door and rest were they go?" he said as he stood up and stretched I nodded 'yes sir' and went up stairs to fold the cloth.

When everything was done I decided to take a bath and then go to sleep. I knocked on the bathroom door to make sure I didn't walk in on Anti. He opened the door in nothing but a the white towel he had around his torso. I felt my cheeks became redder than a fire truck.

"You like what you see?" Anti said smirking which made me blush harder.

"I umm just, you know, wanted to make sure you well uh, weren't in there so I could, you know umm shower." I was having a lot of trouble trying to make a sentence, and Anti just chuckled.

"Ok princess, go ahead, I just finished." he winked at me and walked away. I stayed there starring at nothing like an idiot for awhile until I finally took my shower and went to bed. I had trouble sleeping and I couldn't get Anti out of my head. When I finally did sleep I still had him in my dreams.

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