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//Anti's POV//

I woke up smelling.... CINNAMON ROLLS! Instead of running, I teleported downstairs behind y/n and grabbed her from behind and into a hug. She was scared at first but then smiled.
"Anti, I'm trying to cook her!" She said as I swayed us back and forth.
"I know, and I really want you to hurry up so I can have some cinnamon rolls. So how much longer?" I asked whining like a child. She chuckled and pushed me off.
"Now." She said pulling out our breakfast and frosting them. I licked my lips and sat down at the table rubbing my hands together. After she finished preparing them she gave me three and herself two. I gobbled it down while y/n ate hers more....civilized. We laughed and I went upstairs and got dressed. I put on a plain black hoodie dark gave me and some ripped jeans. Y/N was wearing (whatever you want) and had her hair in a messy bun/pony tail.
We walked to the living room and watched "South Park" for a few minutes when there was a nock at the door. I sighed and got up.
"I got it. Stay here." She nodded with her eyes stuck onto the TV screen and I walked to the door. I used my mind to open it and seen a very exited Dark and Madd-E.
"What can I do for you?" I asked Dark who walked in with his gf to y/n.
"HEYY y/n, was it? So I got you and Madd's here s day at the spa, tickets to f/b, and a mall card with all the money you could ask for!" Y/N's face lit up and she went over to Madd-E and they squealed together talking about the planned day.
"As for you Anti, me and you are going to an all you could eat cake and cookie place, a haunted house to visit the ghost of pewDiepie, the ghost Bomb and Blade killed, and then we are going to your favorite place in the world!" He said before a slight pause and him saying "THE CEMETERY!" I was super exited since I loved that place. I liked it because it reminded me of all the people we killed together and how we became demons. (That's for another chapter ;) )

//an hour later//
Me and Dark were just finishing the last bite of cake. He was full but I wasn't even close to done eating. When I ate the last piece I figured I didn't want him to just sit there while I ate, so we called the waiter for the check.
"I'll be back soon mr. Anti." She winked and walked away. She has been flirting with me since we got here, and it was getting annoying! But I didn't say anything.
"Well, you always did get all the ladies!" Dark said sarcastically and we laughed. Normally people flirted with him, not m
"Here you go. And here is my number. It's for a just-in-case." She tried handing it to me but I just ripped it in half leaving her with a shocked and sad look.
"Sorry but I'm taken, honey." I said before I put the money on the table and left with Dark following. Me and him laughed our asses off when we got in the car.

//your POV//

Me and Madd's just finished at the spa and were in a limo driving to see f/b. She told me that Dark wanted us to go around in style.

"This is amazing! I haven't talked to another gurl in forever!" she said excitedly clapping her hands. She sat across from me and wore a black shirt with a pink scull on it and some ripped jeans. it looked good with her hair.

"I know right! It feels great to have a friend again...." I said and started to think of f/n.

"Hey, I know what its like to miss your old friends. I wish me and Hazel could talk, but we cant because she's mortal and wouldn't recognize me." She looked like she was going to cry so I went to her side and rubbed her back comforting her.

"It's ok, I know that one day you will see her again. And if you never do.... then I'll be here." She looked at me snapped her fingers causing her make-up to go back to normal.

"But, you aren't even a demon. If anyone wanted, then they could give you there demon. But you wouldn't be like them. You would just turn to a demon and be like a demon you. But they would turn human and possibly die from age depending on how old they were." She said loking at me sad again, but didn't look like she would cry.

"Well, maybe someone will do that and I will be a demon and we can ACUALLY be bff's!" We laughed and the pulled to a stop. The driver opened the door and we walked into the place. 'This is the best night ever' I thought 'at least I have another gurl to talk to'

//Madd-E's POV//

Me and y/n had a lot in common. Favorite bands, food, animal, and we both loved a demon. It felt great to have some one like her to keep my mind off Hazel for a day. I knew her since we were in elementary.

Me and y/n sat at our seats waiting for the concert to start. She was talking to someone who sat infront of her so I got lost in my thoughts. 'I remember when me and Hazel first met...'


It was my first time with safety scissors and I was cutting anything and everything I could. Then a gurl with Short black hair that went above her ears like a boy and pretty light blue, almost grey, eyes came up to me. I was next to the time out corner she had to sit in. She had a pouty lip and her arms crossed as she stomped to the corner facing the wall.

"What did you do?" I asked her with my adorable 5 year old voice. She turned around and looked at me.

"Some one made fun of my hair cut so I cut there bangs." she said and sat criss cross apple sauce. (what do you want I'm 5!?) She looked less angry now. I had he longest hair in my grade and felt bad for her.

"Well that wasn't nice of them. And I luv your hair! It's s pretty, I wish my hair was that short!" I said truthfully scooting closer to her. I was sitting on my legs. My hair used to be blonde and I did have brown eyes.

"Well. We could cut your hair like mine and be like sisters!" She smiled wide. I did the same and handed her the safety scissors. It took a long time, but my hair was cut. Mrs. Sanford came over and covered her mouth in shock.

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE!" She yelled almost unable to speak. Me and the gurl smiled.

"I got a hair cut so.... um..." I started to say and then whispered to the gurl. "Whats your name?" She responded with a Hazel and I nodded.

"Hazel! She is really good at it, see?" The teacher sent us to the office to call our parent. We talked the whole walk there and in the office.


I sighed and looked around seeing the place packed and the show was starting. We were in the third row so we had pretty decent seats. everyone stood up and y/n and I were smiling like crazy. 'this will be a great friend ship' I thought before the band came out and we all shouted.

//Anti's POV//

"And that's how I died." PewDIEpie told us. He knew that Bomb and Blade were are friends but didn't mind. Even thought they killed him. (Wow, you were at the concert and missed the story of how Blade and Bomb killed pewDiepie..... Oh well)

"Wow. That sounds like a horrible death, like, the worst in the world!" Me and Dark started to tell him. He nodded and changed the subject.

"Yeah, it was..... But hey look! I get to do what ever I want! I have no rules. Zero. NON!" He said smiling and floating around the room and then came back. (Even though he is a ghost he has legs)

"That's awesome!" I said wishing I had that freedom. PewDIEpie had blue hair and blue eyes that mow glue up since he was a ghost. He was no longer a grey demon. He had color! I was so jealous.

"Welp. We need to get to the cemetery before they close the gates, I don't feel like breaking in." I nodded and we waved good-bye to pewDIEpie before walking to the cemetery since it wasn't far.

"I missed my best friend." I told him looking his way.

"I did, too." He looked my way and smiled.



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