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your POV

I couldn't believe it..... Blade?

He looked at me smirking and let go of me.

"Listen, I need you to come with me, and please no questions." Before I could say anything there was a red mist around us, when it faded we were at a street I didn't really know. I looked around and seen  a pissed Anti and Bomb.

"Stay here and wait for my signal, ok?" I nodded and stayed where we were, behind a dumpster. I looked at the houses, the street looked abandend as if no one had been there in years. After a few seconds I heard a loud whistle and ran over to them.

"I thought you were just going piss, and now you tell me you brought som-" Anti stopped yelling at Blade and looked at me. He smiled and brought me into a hug I, of course, hugged back. He let go after a while and looked me face to face.

"I didn't know you wanted to come!" Anti asked me smiling.

"well, I was kidnapped actually." Me and Anti looked at Blade who just made a fake smile and waved awkwardly.

"Well, since your here, why don't you join us!" Bomb reached into his backpack and pooled out a pair of nun-chucks. when I seen it I remembered the door in Anti's room. I hesitated before grabbing it and fake smiling. He must've not noticed since he smiled back ad took ou a sling shot. Anti had sticky bombs and Blade had  a hammer.

"If you don't know how to use them we can switch?" I nodded at Blades offer and we traded. After that we all ran into the first house. They started to shadder windows and walls wjile I watched. After a few moments I started to do what they were doing. when we were done and left we all turned back to the house and Anti took out a sticky bomb.

"STICKY BOMB!" He yelled before throwing it at the house and using a remote to explode it. He looked at me worried and shielded me using his own body. He was ok since he was a demon. When the explotion was over he looked at me to be sure I was ok and smiled. we did that to about another 4 or 8 houses. I didn't keep track. then we went home and passed out on the floor.

//The next day// Blades POV

I was in Antis house. No one else was there and I was in the kitchen makin pancakes makin bacon pancakes (im sorry, I had to XD) when y/n walked in in only a long shirt and, possibly underwear. I blushed, but hid it with a smirk and she returned it. 'God she is so beautiful, and amazing, and just, wow'  I thought and stared at her as she got some orange juice from the fridge and sat next to me on a stool by the counter.

"Like what you see, huh?" She asked. I nodded.

"Yes, very much actually." I looked at her and she looked at me. We just stared into eqach others eyes. She and I leaned in and kissed. We started to make out. Her lips were so soft. I love her so much. But she loved Anti. I wish she had the feels for me though, but she didn't. After a while she sat in my lap and smirked in the kiss. we pulled away and stared into each others eyes with our foreheads touching.

"You know, I really-"

//End of dream// (HA I bet I gave you a heart attack X,D)

I woke up and making out with my pillow. I sighed and looked around me. Anti and y/n were on opposite sides of the room. Y/N was sleeping on the counter and Anti was on the floor in the living room next to Bomb who was leaning on the wall, but I was on the couch. That's when I had a great idea!

Your POV

I was awoken by Blade shaking me.

"whaaaaaaaaat!" I groaned and rubbed my eyes. I was on the.... counter? Oh well. I looked at Bomb who had an evil smile on his face.

"What do you want?" I asked again.

"Shhhh! Don't wake them up! Go get me a blanket and the biggest cup you can find filled with cold water, ill be in the living room with a pillow and a camra." I was cofused but got what he asked for and met him in the living room by Anti and Bomb.

"What now?" I asked.

"Just watch, and learn." He smirked and I gave him the stuff he asked for.

He put Anti in Bombs arms and covered them with a blanket. I giggled but covered my mouth trying not to be loud. I was a little jelly but I really wanted to know what would happen. he then used mine powers or what ever to levitate the cup over them, he then came to stand next to me and mouthed '1... 2... 3' then poured the water over them and threw it to the ground. The two sleeping boys looked at each other and screamed like like two gurls! Me and Blade had a a laughing fit.

"WHAT THE ACUAL FUCK!" Bomb yelled and stood up shivering and hugging himself. Anti did the same, but his eyes were pure red, and had red crosses in them. He stomped over to Blade who was still laughing with me and grabbed him by his colure causing him to stop laughing.

"Blade, I will fuckin kill you!" Blade gulped as Anti raised his fist. I had to do something.

"Anti it was my idea please don't hurt him, I'm sorry. I was just bored." He put down the scared demon and his eyes were back to normal.

"Its ok." he said sighing and pulling me into a hug.

//later// (Antis POV)

I knew what happened this morning was Blades idea, but I didn't want y/n to see my like that. I couldn't. We were all watching south park, which was recommended by Bomb, and sat on the sofa. I was on the end next to y/n with Blade next to her and Bomb's fat arse was on the end also. We had picked up the weapons last night after y/n went to bed on the counter. I wasto tired to move her and passed out on he floor.

In the corner of my eyes I could see Blade take quick glances at y/n (who was under Antis arm BTW). I was a little jelly that he was staring at y/n, MY y/n. 'Get you own gurl you perv!' I thought starring at Blade who had heard it. Bomb heard too but stayed to himself trying not to bud in. Blade was flushed in red. 'I could, but yours is way prettier'  He thought and smirked at me. I gave him a death glare.

"Hey Blade, why don't we go to the kitchen and, ya know, get a little something?" Bomb said hearing our thoughts and trying o stop a war.

"Sure, Bye y/n~" He said it so seductively, I wanted to knock his face off, but held back. Y/N looked confused and told him bye before falling asleep in on my shoulder. I smiled and fell asleep with my head on hers.


I totally had fun with this chapter! Hope you guys liked it, and please tell me if there is something you want to change or something, I really do want to know. Any ways that's about everything, bi my feline friends!

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