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//Anti's POV//

I woke up and the weather was rainy. I new I had to talk to y/n about last knight and how the ful moon worked, but I was so scared she hated me. I got out of bed and put on a black hoodie and some ripped jeans. After that I went to the bathroom and brush my hair and teeth and took a quick shower. I then made my way to y/n's. I heard the rain make splats on the roof. I knocked, no answer. I said her name, no answer. I then walked in and when I did I almost cried. Blade and y/n were cuddling in bed 'how could ANYONE stoop so low'.

"Y/N? What are you and Blade doing?" Anger and hurt was in my voice as y/n and Blade shot  up.  Blade smirked, y/n was looking for words hat wouldn't come out. Her mark.... It was gone. WAIT! The bottle, Blade, my mark......... BLADE GAVE HER A LOVE POTION!?

"BLADE WHY DID YOU DO THAT! YOU KNEW I LUVED HER AND YOU DID THIS!" I yelled as I grabbed him by his shoulders since he had no shirt and lifted him to the wall.

"ANTI! Please, I know you luv me but....I don't even know if I luv you back or not anymore..." I dropped Blade and looked at her eyes. Purple. There are five stages to the luv potion envolving eye color. Pink, puppy love. Purple, love struck. Red madly in love. Yellow, there is no way to fix it and they fall for them... forever. They changed every 4 hours. I grabbed y/n's arm and we teleported to Minx, she was a witch, she could fix this..... she had to.

//Your POV//

The sky was crying and I was about to. Anti teleported me to a small wooden cabin on a hill. I was getting wet from the crying sky and so was Anti as he knocked on the door still holding my arm. I could only think of how AMAZING Blade was and his cute style, and his looks, and smile.

My head then started to hurt.

"AHHHHHH!" I yelled Anti looked at me wide eyed as the pain stopped and he looked at my eyes. Then the door opened.

"Hey Anti, long time no see, who's this?" Said the lady She had brown hair and the front was purple and she had red eyes, one with a scratch on it so it had a little white where the line was. She wore a dark purple cloat.

"Blade........ potion...... help....." zoned out after he sad Blade. He was so amazing. All I could think about was him and me cuddling, and one day kissing, and I thought about what our kids would look like.

"Ok, this should do, drink up y/n." Said the lady. I seen the bottle of a thick, bubbly, orange substance and made a face. I didn't even notice I was sitting on a stool in front of a witch pot.... A WITCH POT?!

"I just met you. I don't even know your name.... AND YOUR A WITCH!" She looked hurt by my words and pulled the bottle closer to her chest and looked down. I instantly felt bad.

"I'm minx, I've known Anti, Bomb, Blade, and Dark for years. You wont believe me but if you don't drink this you will FOREVER be unhappy..... Like I used to be." A tar fell from her cheek and I grabbed the bottle chugging it down. But  I wasn't in control, I looked and seen it was Anti.

"ANTI! I... I... I..." That was all I remember before everything went blurry. I heard the door swing open and muffled yells.  Then everything went black.....

//Anti's POV//

Blade burst threw the door as y/n passed out into Minxes arms.

"ANTI! I luved her and for ONCE she actually felt the same... YOU RUINED IT!" Blade yelled while I blocked him from y/n. He was crying.

"YOU CAN'T FORCE HER TO LUV YOU BLADE!" Minx shouted still holding y/n. I was trying to stay calm.

"Blade, I know you did. But that potion could have ruined her. What if you died?! She could kill herself over you..." He dropped to the floor in sobs. Minx gave y/n to me and talked to blade as I teleported away with y/n. Minx always liked Blade, she was like a Yandere, it was hard getting her to not kill y/n.

The green smoke cleared and we were in her room. I set her on her bed and kissed her forehead which made her have a week smile. I chuckled and left the room and decided to make something to eat.

"Hey Anti, I came back earlier and Blade was in a rush. Not sure were he went." Bomb startled me. I seen him cooking steak.

"Oh, and Dark is waiting for you in your room, said it was urgent." My eyes widened as I bolted to my room and opened the door. Dark was looking at a picture of me and y/n from the truth are dare. It was of me hugging her.

"So, looks like your 'servent' isn't doing what she is supposed to." He set the picture down. "What a shame. So you couldn't help Madd-E because you were busy banging this HUMAN?" The door shut and me and Dark walked to each other slowly. He looked angry, I looked raged wit a hint of sadness.

"Well, why should I help that piece of trash covered in make-up?" I asked. He was no longer angry, but sympathetic.

"Why!" He said. "Why do you hate her so much? What did she do to you? I really REALLY want to know." I looked at him the same way, tears welling in my eyes.

"ARE YOU BLIND!" My outburst caught him off guard. "She took you away from me. You were all I had! Y/N makes me SO happy. I missed my best friend but knew I couldn't have you back..." I was crying and he looked sorry. Then his phone rang I swear if its...

"It's madds, sorry Anti. Buh-Bye." He said teleporting away. I laid on my bed and fell asleep in an instant.

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