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Heyy! So updates haven't been on schedule lately because my dad having "problems" and is now in jail for drug abuse. I am honestly really happy about it so no need to worry about me, I hate it when people feel sorry for me. But long story short I will be updating whenever I'm not in court or when ever I can, and I will try my hardest to go on schedule. thaxnk for reading the story! Enjoy!


//Your POV//

I woke up in my bed not remembering anything after I left the concert. My head was hurting when I sat up and memories came back to me. Me and Madd-E were in the limo on our way to the mall and we drank a few beers. I looked over and saw I was in my room and had about four bags on the floor. I looked inside them and seen things like stuffed animals in the first one, a few things that were signed from the band in another, some new tops in the third, and the last one was some new jeans, shoes, and a cat beanie. I sighed and got up to put away everything. I was still wearing what I was when I went out with Madd's so I got dressed into a new shirt

 I was still wearing what I was when I went out with Madd's so I got dressed into a new shirt

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I walked down stairs and ordered a pizza to eat since I didn't feel like cooking. I made the call and ordered a large peperoni. Then I went outside to talk to Blade and Bomb since they haven't come inside since the movie. I still didn't know why.

"Hey blade, Hey bomb!" I yelled out the window. Bomb came down and sat on the window,

"Yes, may we help you?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Yes, I ordered a pizza and need you two to pick it up since, you know. I CANT LEAVE!" He flinched at my out burst and put his hands up.

"Good, you needed to loose weight anyway, Thaxnk Bomb!" Before he could say anything I pushed him out the window and closed it. I smiled and went over to the TV.

//Anti's POV//

I woke up and walked to the kitchen ready for some home made breakfast. But, to my disappointment, all I saw was y/n eating pizza and a large pizza box, with half the pizza gone.

"Hey Anti. I didn't feel like cooking so I just ordered pizza. Bomb picked it up for us and took some slices." She said and took another bite. I walked over and grabbed a slice as well.

"You got Bomb off his fat ass? How?" I asked. Bomb hardly ever even left the couch without levitating himself.

"Well, I told him he needed to loose weight and then shut the window. After that I waited and then BOOM! Here's the pizza." She said pointing to the Pizza Hut box. I laughed then she said, "Oh and Bomb said to give you this letter." She handed me a invelope that I gladly opened.


We missed you so much and wanted to see you again so your little brother Bingsepticeye and little cousin Glitchsepticeye are coming over for the rest of the week! They arrive tomorrow. Oh and keep Glitch away from Bing, he makes him buggy and more hyper than he already is. Luv ya bro!

-Jacksepticeye, anglesepticeye, icesepticey, firesepticeye, and many more, also Wilford wanted to sign too so, WILFORD WARFSTASHE!

I kept rereading the letter with wide eyes. I knew Bing had ADHD and acting like a child in a 20 year old's body, he and Glitch were the youngest the oldest was Jack, who was 26. I was 25, second oldest. I also new that Glitch gave Bing ALOT of bugs like, it would make him loose memories or data, sometimes even make him think he is me. But he could be fixed my a computer chip that he always had with him. He and Glitch were like best friends though, even though Glitch was a bad enfluence, who am I kidding I'm not any better!

"Oh no!" I said and grabbed my hair with my hands.

"What is it?" She asked titling her head and putting her pizza down.

"My brother younger Bing and cousin Glitch are staying for the week! They act like children and are always getting in trouble." I said and put my elbows on the counter still holding my hair.

"Well, they can't be that bad, can they?" She asked and came over to sit by me and rub my back.

"Oh trust me! You haven't met them!" I said and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Well, they could have your room and we sleep in mine, ya know, since I kinda can't open the door." She said making us both laugh. Then I remembered 'Holloween is soon'.

"Why don't we go shopping for candy and some costumes?" I asked her. Her eyes widened and she smiled a beautiful smile that was filled with joy.

"YES!" She ran upstairs to get ready. I mainly wanted the costumes so we could be dressed for the holloween surprise I had for her. 'She will love it, I know she will' I thought and teleported to my room to get dressed as well.

//At the store//

We were at a small store getting things like pumpkins, costumes, costume make-up, and loads of candy. We were walking to the check in the shortest line. Y/n looked panicked when we went over to the line and hid in her hoodie. 'What's up with her' I thought but brushed it off and waited for the boy and gurl infront of us.

//Your POV//

No no no no no no no! That's Jeffory and f/n! This is bad, really bad! If they see , they will take me back and I wont be able to see Anti anymore! That couldn't happen, please don't happen. I put on my hoodie over the cat ear beanie and hid my face from them. Then the TV on the wall turned on.

"The missing gurl is yet to be found, some people believe she was eating by someone or something. If you see this gurl, please tell us........"

They showed my face Anti and I started to panick.

"Wow, pour little gurl. She is most likely dead and no one has seen her since she went missing." the store clerk said to my friend and Jeffory.

"Yeah, we knew her. We think she is in Raspy Hills, but we don't know." Said f/n looking like she would cry at any moment, I wanted so badly to just go hug her and tell her 'I'm ok f/n, please don't worry about me! We are best friends!' But I couldn't, I tried not to cry.

"Yeah, and I paid for some bus componies to put a missing sign we made on them. I also made the posters." Jeffory said. I didn't think he cared that much about me....

When Anti heard him say that, I seen the anger in his face. I punched his arm and he unclenched his fist. Then Jeffory and f/n left after saying bye to the lady.

"This will be 27.89 please." Said the lady. Anti gave her the money and I grabbed the bags. The lady looked at me very closely then looked at the wall, I did the same, and there was a missing sign.

"YOUR THE MISSING GURL! We have to call those kids!" She reached for her phone but before she could even dial the number, i grabbed Anti's arm and bolted out of there and into an ally not listening to her call our name. Anti teleported us back into the house an we laughed.

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