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//Anti's POV//

I got home from a long night. I decided to sleep at Dark's house and get home early in the morning so y/n wouldn't be worried. When I walked into my room I expected to see y/n sleeping soundly on my bed hugging a pillow, but instead I seen Bing on my bed and y/n on the floor. She was sleeping on a small stack of pillows with a blanket over it, trying to make a bed. I didn't know what Bing as doing in MY bed or why my girlfriends was on the floor, but I decided not to tear hi into 100 pieces, instead I was just going to wake up y/n. I walked over to her pillow bed and started to tickle her.

"Hehe..." she slightly laughed, " Hehe.. HAHAHAHAHA!" She was now laughing harder and wide awake.

"Anti HAHA! Sta- sta- stop!" She laughed. I stopped tickling her and she pushed herself up using her elbows. I was on top of her so we were now almost touching noses. I picked her nose and she blushed, god I luved her blush, it was so adorable.

"So now that your awake... Why the hell is BING in MY bed?" I questioned raising an eye brow. She looked on the bed, smiled, then looked back at me.

"He had a nightmare because of Glitch and asked if he could sleep in here." I nodded and teleported up to the kitchen. We were now standing infront of the icebox with my arms around her waist and her arms around my neck, I made us get into this position.

"You want me to make breakfast don't you?" She asked, I nodded in making a baby face and she smiled. She kissed me and I returned the favor kissing back, then she started to make pancakes. Once they were all done and she setup the plates Glitch and Bing came down, Bing looking as peppy as always and Glitch looking sleepy. They sat down by plates, I was next to y/n and Glitch was on the other side of her and Bing was across from me. Bomb and Blade teleported in a chair with a plate as well. Bomb across from y/n and Blade across from Glitch.

We all ate in silence, but a good silence. Bing was twitching and Glitch was talking to Blade, y/n was laying her head on my arm and eating her pancakes, I had my arm around her and my plate was clean of food within the minute I started eating, 'I should go on a diet' I thought. 'Your right about that' I heard blade thought, then chuckled. Bomb chuckled ,too. Glitch, Bing and y/n all looked confused but shrugged it off. 'asshats' I thought, making them laugh more.

//That night at 7:32//

I was with y/n in her room, or Bing and Glitches room, y/n was coloring in a color book with Bing and Glitch like they had been doing all day while I was on my phone texting Dark.

(d= Dark    a= Anti)

d: So now I cant go to Europe

a: of course you would get caught, that's why I'm the better demon

d: Shut up! I only got caught that once, how was I supposed to know they had a security cam?

a: common since?

d: ........... I hate you

a: what's new? Oh and I need a favor

d: no anti I wont take bomb, I don't want him eating all off my food too!

a: that's not what I wanted, but I mean now that were talking about it will you?

d: NO! now what do you want?

a: well I wanted to see if you could tell me were I could find wilford?

d: he's with the septiceye's, your family. we kicked him out for being agg. why?

a: well no reason

d: are you gonna do what I did? what I did was bad, it was selfish. are you goig to do it to her!?

a: I don't know, I might

d: listen, what I did wasn't good! if Madd's found out she would never want to talk to me again, are you sure you want to keep such a big secret?

I was about to respond when y/n said my name. I replied with a "hmm?" and she replied.

"I colored this picture for you! It's a demon and an angel, there hands are touching but the line devides them, I tried to make it look like us. Do you like it?" she said smiling wide. I was about to tear up, 'I cant do that to her....' I thought 'no one besides Bing has ever made me anything' I thought again. I didn't want her to see me cry so I just took the picture and teleported it o te wall in my room above my bed.

"It's now save and sound above my bed, I luv it." She smiled at my response and we hugged.

back to texting Dark......

a: I don't know, I need to think about it

I then stopped texting Dark and put my arm around my favorite gurl.

"I-I- made this for ya-ya-you Anti. I know you wa-wa-will hate it but, I r-r-really wanted to ga-ga-give it to you...." He stuttered and twitched due to Glitch being right next to him. I was about to grab it and turn it into dust, but y/n grabbed it before me.

"I will make sure that it goes somewhere were everyone can see it! It's a beautiful color picture of a laptop!" Y/N said and looked at Bing, both of them smiling wide. I scrossed my arms and pouted looking away from the picture.

"Anti, be nice!" She hit my arm like a mother would, "Bing is your brother, he just wants to get your attention. Could you at least see what it is!" She said scolding me. I scoffed before grabbing the picture and looking at it.

It was a yellow computer with my "A" symbol on it, he was a robot so he foraged my signature on it, It was on the spot where the logo for the computer brand on the back was supposed  be, and at the top it read 'For the best big brother ever! (and my only brother who hasn't tried to kill me yet)'. He was right on the last part, everyone other than me has tried to give him a virus, power him off, or get try asking Glitch to brake him, Glitch always said no. Glitch was only a cuzzon, everyone other than him were brothers. Only because he was made by Mark and not Jack. I had never really bothered to look at the things Bing made me, I always just burned it.

"Isn't it so sweet! I'm going to put it on the fridge, I will be right back." Y/N took the picture and went into the kitchen. I sighed and Bing came over and hugged me, he sounded like he was..... Crying?

"Bing? Are you ok?" I asked, Glitch looked up from his picture and at us. I wasn't hugging back, I hated hugs, unless I was hugging y/n, I luved y/n's hugs.

"Everyone ha-ha-hates me! I'm ah-ah-ah-a LOSER!" Bing cried into my shoulder. I patted his back and pulled him away from me.

"Listen, I don't do the whole 'everything will be ok' shit, ok? So go cry to Glitch and get over yourself! Your how old? You need to man up!" He looked at me and rubbed his arm as I continued "And Glitch, we both know what Wilford does to you, and yet you do nothing to stop him? You both need to grow a pear, now go back to coloring." They both nodded and went on with what they were coloring.

"I'm back!" said smiling as she walked in. "What do you want to do *yawn* now?" She asked, I giggled and stood up.

"Well, you are going to sleep with me, and Bing and Glitch are going to do whatever it is they do, ok?" She nodded and yawned again. I checked the time reading 10:56 and me and y/n walked to my room to sleep. I got dressed in the bathroom and she got dressed in my room, when we were done we went into my bed and cuddled. 'maybe I shouldn't do that to her, she means to much to me.' I thought before drifting off to sleep.


Hello everyone, I'm so sorry about not posting chapters, I am trying SO HARD but a lot has been going on in my life, I don't really want to talk about it and I don't want ANY pitty on me, I hope to chapter like I used to, and maybe post some chapters during the weekands *wink wink nudge nudge* welp goodbye my feline friends and I will see you in the next chapter, bye!

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