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Anti's POV

when I woke up to the light from the window in my face. I must've forgotten to close them last night. I walk to the window and close the curtains so I didn't have to have that light in my room. Then I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. 'god I look like shite!' I thought as I ran my hand through my dark green hair and looked at the bags under my eyes and the blood in my hair as I brushed my teeth. I chuckled as I thought about the gurl I killed that night. she was chubby and super pale, I didn't even know anyone could be paler than me! She had braces and some ugly pink glasses, her hair was in pig tales and she had green eyes and blond hair. I believe she was like 10 or so and her brother tried to save her, he failed and also died. I chuckled even more thinking about wut I did but was interrupted by a knock on the door. I sighed and spit out the tooth paste, after that I put on some sweats I found so I didn't open up the door w/ no pants on. I walked to the door and they knocked again.

"IM COMING HOLD ON!" yelled as I kept walking to the door and opened it.

"Hey Anti how was the killing spree last night?" Dark said as he walked in without permission with his stupid gf behind him. Madd-E.

"It was pretty good I killed a few happy couples and got some kids blood in my ha- how did you know about my killing spree?" I asked I didn't go w/ him like I usually do when I went and I didn't tell him.

"I saw you kill Madd-E's neighbors last night. Oh and I was wandering if you wanted to come w/ me to kill a few people on umm.. domino street tomorrow?" Dark said as he looked through my fridge and his gf sat on the kitchen table stool.

"We haven't done that together in awhile, why do you wan to?" I ask even though I already knew why, he wanted me to help train his new gf how to make people suffer and take there souls since she just became a demon and I was better at it then he was even though he looked more intimidating than me.

"well, Madd-E wanted me to teach her a few things and I thought that since your, as you say better than me, you could help." Dark responded taking out some blood from my icebox and pouring it in a cup.

"No sorry, I'm busy this week." I said shaking my head slowly. I wasn't busy, I just didn't want to be near Madd-E very much since she hmm.. I don't know.. TOOK MY BEST FRIEND AWAY FROM ME! I didn't like her all. Dark looked at me not believing my lie.

"Really? And might I ask what you will be doing this week Anti?" Dark looked me in the eyes.

"well, I'm going to the bathroom and i'll be back in a bit Dark." Madd-E said looking uncomfortable and going to my bathroom. Dark sighed and looked at my and took a sip of his blood and waited for me to answer.

"well I will be.. kidnapping a human, and I need to get stuff ready and spy on them." I said and crossed my arms.

"Ok then well when you do kidnap this human come get me so I could see her, and you know what, i'll even help you get the room ready." Dark new I was lying and wanted to break me, I wont let that happen.

"yeah, lets do it right now, the guest room is this way." I said confidently and walked up the stairs w/ mark flowing me. I told I'm kidnapping a gurl so we made the room all gurly and shite. When we were done he had to leave.

"Ill ask mad!cry to help because you will be 'so busy' and all." mark said with a smile of disbelieve on his face. I nodded and they left. I sighed in relieve when they left and went to watch T.V. so I wasn't stressing when I remembered I had to kidnap someone by Friday since we couldn't kill on weekends. I sighed 'welp, at least I won't be alone... ill kidnap someone tomorrow and call Dark on Friday and tell him so he doesn't make plans for us to go anywhere over the week. As I was watching "22 Jump Street" I fell asleep on the couch.

The next day (your POV)

I woke up and got ready for school, I didn't see my dad last night so I figured he wouldn't be home right now either so I simply just left my room. when I got to the front door I felt a cold tight hand on my wrist and was pooled away from the door and landed on the floor w/ a loud thud. when I looked up I seen my father, his eyes were red from the drugs and he was angry for some reason.

"Da- I mean father, are you ok?" I asked worried.

"How dare you almost call me dad? I'm your father, I have more power then a 'dad', get it right you useless bitch!" he yelled and picked my up by my hoodie.

"s-s-sorry fa-father!" I said scared and started crying. He then he then punched my lip making it bleed all over the floor and he let me go and kicked my stummy. I cried as he walked away to his room and slammed the door. 'I can't go to school like this! Everyone would ask questions and I don't want that! Ill just stay home. I left threw the front door and snuck in my room threw the window and locked my bedroom door. I texted f/n and said I couldn't go because I was 'sick', it was our secret word if something happened to one of us, if we really were sick we said 'feeling bad' s we would get confused.

That night...

"YOUR A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! I WISH YOUR MOTHER WOULD HAVE SWALLOWED YOU!" My dad yelled at me while I cried on the floor.

"I-I-I'm sorry father! I didn't mean to!" I cried harder holding my bleeding arm and the scratch on my cheek. So long story short I was cleaning the dishes and I threw away his crystal meth when I was looking for the cleaning supplies, I didn't mean to I just seen a bag and threw it away.

"I should kill you w/ the knife I my hand but I wont because ill go to jail! so you luck now, NOW GET YOUR ASS TO YOUR ROOM!" he yelled the last part and pointed upstairs useing the knife he was supposed to make dinner w/, I nodded and ran to my room and he locked it from the outside. I went to my mirror and looked at my self. I had a cut on my cheek and all over my arms, my forehead was bruised and so was my leg. I sighed and checked my phone was 1:00 AM and I wasn't tired. 'I guess I could walk a bit, ill be back by 2:00 and my dad wont notice.' I told myself as I grabbed my phone and headphones and snuck out the window and begun to walk on the sidewalk looking at the ground as I walked.

Antis POV

It was 1:32 AM and I was on Y/s killing people I didn't want to kidnap, there were a few people I considered but they made me mad by hitting me or trying to get away. I didn't know what to do, I only have till Friday to kidnap someone, make them do as told w/ out question, and who would be good enough to show off to Dark and that bitch he calls his gf. I was covered in so much blood you could hardly see my blue "Set It Off" (the best band ever) shirt and ripped jeans.

"please have mercy on my daughter!" I ladie said w/ her kid hiding behind her back and tears down her cheek, which snapped me out off my thoughts.

"hmm.. . I don't know, I mean you have not been nice to me. My arm isn't happy you hit it w/ that cheap ass purse!" I said w/ anger in my voice as I took a stepped closer.

"Mommy is that the monster under the bed?" the little gurl asked her mom and made eye contact w/ me.

"HAHAHA! I'm way worse them him kid, Now for the fun!" I said as I shoved my knife on the ladies fore head and slit the child's throat. 'Well, I think that's the last gurl on this side of the street.' I said to myself and climbed out the back window. I was walking to the front of the house when I seen a gurl on the sidewalk, I leaned against the side of the house and watched her. She had h/c color and e/c eyes, she had a scar on her s/c cheek and her eyes were puffy. She looked so depressed, like she would burst in tears at any moment, she also looked weak. 'Perfect, she won't be able to leave if I took her.' I thought as I snuck behind her and put my knife in the knife holder in my side. This will be so easy...

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