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//Darks POV// that morning//

I woke up and looked at Madd-E who was laying next to me. I couldn't believe Anti would even think of going to y/n what I did to Madds. What I did was wrong and selfish and I wish I never did it.......... I wish I wasn't the one who killed Madison Wearfield.


I was with Madd-E killing people 'I have to go this, then we will be together forever' I thought. I had to make an excuse so she wouldn't suspect me.

"I think I'm going to use the bathroom behind that tree." I pointed at the tree behind the house of people we killed earlier. "Wait here and I'll be back soon." She nodded and I started to walk that way, when ever I got behind it I teleported into the car Wilford let me use around the corner. Wilford told me we would be together forever if I did this. I watched waiting for her to cross the road.

When she did I took a deep breath and went full speed her way, I then ran her over and got out the car. I teleported the car back to Wilford and ran to Madison, she was bleeding and I had to act fast. I put my hand on her chest as tears swelled in my eyes and used my powers to turn her into a demon. If it didn't work, then I would lose her. I called my father, Satan, and told him about Madison and he laughed and said he would let this one slide, luckily. The power source worked on her and she was now turning into a full demon, I cried tears of joy as I hugged her in my lap and she woke up.

//end of flash back// (no one expected that!)

I was pulled from my thoughts seeing Madd-E wake up. She was so cute, how could I look at her after what I had done? I couldn't let my best friend go through this kind of guilt, I can't let him.

//Blades POV//

I was over y/n now, I now knew what I did was wrong and I couldn't believe I did that. She didn't deserve me, she deserved Anti, he treated her right and there luv was real. Me and Bomb were at PewDIEpie's haunted house now. He knew we killed him but didn't really care since he had forgotten HOW we did it. We were becoming really close. Him and Bomb were talking while I pretended to listen and care about whatever they were talking about. I was to busy thinking. Me and Bomb hadn't done anything bad lately. Maybe me, Bomb, Dark, Anti, Pewds, and Madd-E could go do something, that would be fun. Or maybe, a party at my place, AKA Anti's. That was perfect, all I needed now were friends to invite.............. I am incredibly lonely. (HAHAHAHA! classic Blade XD)

//Anti's POV//

Blade called me earlier telling me he planned a, and I quote "slumber party at your place". When this 'slumber party' is over, I'm killing Blade. He told me that he invited Bomb, me, y/n, Madd-E, Dark, and a surprise guest, Glitch and Google were at MAD!Cry's for the day because I told him he had to or I would kill him, I had to say that because he HATES them with every fiber in his being. But who doesn't besides y/n? Right now I'm in the living room with my favorite gurl (its you) under my arm and popcorn on my lap watching "suicide squad" on the T.V.  wearing only sweat pants. I luved y/n so much, I don't know why I wanted to do that to her. Wilford never did give the best advise, like when he said that if I shoot a gorilla to save a child it would help people like me, all it did was make people hate the person who I used their body! (R.I.P HARRAMBE), or whenever he told Voodooiplier that he should kill the guy with the top hat so he could be president (LUV YOU LINCON), and I don't think ANY of the iplier's or septiceye's will forget about what he told Dark to do so he and Madd-E could live together forever. He really needs help, he thinks death will fix everything.

"Anti." Y/N said looking up at me. God she's adorable!

"Yes?" I asked her.

"When will everyone get here? Should I make something for everyone?" She asked me putting popcorn in her mouth, her cheeks puffed from all the popcorn made me chuckle before I resonded.

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