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                                                                                   Antis POV

I woke up and seen y/n in front of me w/ my arm around her. I smiled and carefully got out of bed. 'maybe I could go and get her something? No I cant... Dark would never allow it and I would be hated by all the other demons.' I thought and sighed. I walked to my closet and grabbed a light green hoodie, a some jeans, and the same converse I always were and walked to the bathroom across from my room. I got dressed and went to made myself some cereal in the kitchen. When I finished I put my plate in the sink and watched some T.V. so I wasn't bored to death.

Your POV

Once I woke up in Anti's bed. I sat up but I didn't see Anti anywhere so I just made his bed. then I got up and started for the door...

Anti's POV

I heard a muffled yelling coming from upstairs so I ran up the stairs and went straight to y/n's room, when I didn't see her I was freaking out until I remembered she was in my room and start laughing. I walked to my door and nocked on it.

"Locked in are ya?" I asked w/ a huge grin on my face.

"Anti, I want out get out now please! It smells odd in here and I'm hungry!" I laughed harder then I've ever laughed.

"PLEASE!?" She whined and I opened the door. I smiled and she pouted.

"Ok, lets go get you some food." I said and we walked to the kitchen to get her something to eat. I snapped my fingers and there was a bowl of cereal on the table.

"Wait, why do you need me to cook if you can magically make food appear?" She asked as she sat down and I sat across from her.

"Because it taste better when its made, it taste odd whenever you make it appear." I made a funny/grossed out face and she giggled.

2 hours later...

"Anti, I didn't know you had beer?" y/n asked me as she pulled out some beer from the back of the fridge.

"I drink when I'm sad, or mad, or happy." I told her and she put the beer back in the fridge.

"I used to drink when I was sad, but I when I start drinking it's hard for me to quit." she replied and went next to me on the couch "so watcha watchin?" she asked.

"I'm watching Annabelle, care to join?" She smile and sat down next to me. We were half way through the movie and she was under my arm. 'RING! RING! RING' my phone rang loudly and I got up to answer it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"YO! Sup dude, so I wanted t know if I could maybe come over?" Asked Blade (wade) in a nervous voice.

"What did you do know?" I asked a little pissed. Blade was VERY wanted in the demon world for killing another demon, I think his name was pewDIEpie or something like that.

"Weeeeell... I kinda maybe sorta... asked out an Angle, but not on purpose! It was a dare from Bomb (bob), so can we go over there for awhile?" I sighed.

"Fine, but you arswholes better not put me in this if they get you!" In the demon world it was VERY bad to date a Angle, but not humans, humans were just shunned. I hung up and walked back to the couch.

"Who was that Anti? You look mad." Y/n  asked me w/ a confused face.

"Just my stupid friends, Blade and Bomb." I told her and we finished the movie. It was 9:20 when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it from the couch and my two idiot friends came running in panting like crazy. Blade had sharp teeth and plane black eyes (I will assume you already know what wade looks like) and Bomb had only two sharp teeth like a vampire since he didn't like how the sharp teeth looked and he had red eyes (still assuming you know them). They shut the door and came over to me and y/n sweating like crazy and out of breath.

"Hey I call dibs on the sofa, Blade you get the floor. So Anti what have you be- who is she~" Bomb purred as they walked over to us and Blade was leaning over the couch and winked at y/n making her blush and giggle. I felt a wave of anger and rage come over me.

"This is y/n my human slave, she got the day off." I told them acting cool.

"Wait your letting someone get a day off? Where did Anti go?" Bomb teased me and  I just flipped through channels while they all three got to know each other. Bomb and Blade never did follow the rules, but they did know where to draw the line. Nobody like Blade, 'fuck you Blade, you ars' I said in my head making Blade give me the death stare while me and Bomb laughed our arses off and y/n was confused. We spent the night talking and goofing off. Y/n seemed to have a lot of fun. After a while we all fell asleep on the floor.


I woke up and instantly screamed. I was curled up to Bomb who woke up and screamed as well.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!" We both said in unison as y/n and Anti ran in. God r/n was so hot.

"What happened!?" y/n said worried.

"I... was... CURLED UP TO BOMB!" I yelled the last part and pointed to Bomb, who was now also freaking out. Anti and y/n burst into laughter. I just bolted to the kitchen in anger to get something to eat.


I'm so sorry this chapter was an hour late, but I had a bit of trouble because I forgot my password and I had to finish this chapter from last night. So thx 4 understanding my feline friends and I will (hopefully) see you in the next chapter! Byyyyyyy!

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