chapter 33- Leo

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Leonardo's POV.

I sat back and leaned my head against the wall staring at nothing in particular. My eyes drooped close and Dawn's beautiful face appeared on my eyelids. Her eyes sparkled in this picture--they always sparkle--and her lips curve into that magnificent smile of hers. I remembered that day. The happiest day of my existence, the day she told me she loved me.

We had all decided to go out and have some fun, Malik, Skylar, Dawn and I. So far the day was going well. Everyone was happy, I know I was. We all bought ice- cream and went for a stroll in the park. The sun was shining, people were laughing and I had my girl by my side. Dawn and I strolled through the park hand in hand.

I know what you must be thinking right now.Where'd the old Leo go? Well he's been pussy whipped. Can you blame me? I've got this wonderful, feisty woman who's not afraid to put me in my place.

"What's got your head up in the clouds lover boy?" Dawn smiled up at me.

I grinned wickedly down at her. "Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you by my side."

"Aww..." she looked at me in admiration.

"That and how you just can't leave without me, "I gloated. "I mean c'mon, I'm awesome."

"Oh really?" She looked at me incredulously. "Well then take this mister big ego." She dumped her ice-cream on my head and sped off.

"Oh you better run." I said threateningly, in a playful way and ran after her.

She screamed as I chased her with my ice cream seeking revenge. I tackled her to the ground, positioned the ice-cream above her head and gave a fake evil laugh. "No please!" She pleaded with a wide grin, unable to control her laughter.

"You think that was funny?" I asked grinning like a maniac.

"No,no! Please spare me!" She laughed out loud.

"Tell me you love me." I demanded, jokingly.

"I love you!" She yelled. We both froze. I set down the ice-cream cup and crashed my lips to hers. I know that I asked, but it still doesn't change the fact that those words on her tongue sounded like magic to me.

I pulled away after a few seconds and replied, "I love you too," and immediately went back to kissing her. I heard the distant awes around us but they soon faded away as it was only me and her in our own little world.

"I know that smile." A malicious voice broke me away from my memory. "Someone's thinking about their 'mate'." He stressed on the word 'mate'.

I growled lowly and him and bared my teeth threateningly. I left my eyes close not wanting to see his disgusting face.

"Down mutt." I could hear the smirk in his voice." And wouldn't worry about your little mate if I were you. She's being taken care of."

My eyes snapped open. "What did you just say?" I sneered.

"You heard what I said." He came closer to me. "By now I believe my alpha would have taken care of her real good. Let's just hope he went easy on her." He paused and looked thoughtful. "Wait...let's not. I hope he rode the little whore down to hell and back."

My breathing was uncontrollable, my body was vibrate as if an earthquake had hit and my eyes were pitch black. I don't know how long I'd be able to restrain myself. "When he's done with her he's gonna bring her here for me--" I lost it.

I blacked out and my wolf was in complete control.When I regained control there was even more blood on the slimy floor than there was before and it all belonged to that scumbag. His body was covered in claw marks from head to toe. The only thing I regret is not letting him die slowly. I turned to Malik and broke his bonds, my strength fueled by my anger. I hadn't heard of a wolf breaking silver before but now wasn't the time to question my luck.

"It was about time that bastard got what he deserved. "Malik said as he stood up and stretched.

Let's go, we have to get back now. I told him through our mind link.

He changed into his wolf and we ran upstairs to be greeted by at least twenty to thirty wolves. Right about now no amount of wolves could stop me. I was on the hunt for blood and that alpha was first on my list.

Dawn's POV.

It had been two days since Leo came back from his patrol and I still had a bad feeling in my gut. He's been trying to get in my pant ever since and frankly it's really beginning to get on my nerves. I haven't seen Skylar or Malik around lately and I'm getting worried. I haven't spoken to Courtney since she left and I miss her so damn much. I really need my best friend.

I switched on my computer and waited impatiently for it to load. When it finally came around I signed on to Skype and sighed in relief when I saw that Courtney was online. I clicked on her to video chat, took a deep breath and screamed, "Cotton Candy!"

"Sun set!"

"I missed you Courtney." I said to her.

"We have got to make plans for me to return again."She said.

"Yea we do, but right now I need your advise."I sighed.

"What's wrong babe?" She asked concerned.

"It's Leo, he's been acting really strange lately and I don't know what to think of it." I shook my head. "It's like he's a totally different person."

"I thought he and I had an understanding. He better hope that I don't come down there, otherwise their going to send me to prison for man slaughter." She said aggravated.

I chuckled slightly. "Thanks CC. I think I'll ask my dad--" The screen went black. It does that sometimes to save energy. Courtney was still there.

I was about to shift the mouse when Leo entered my room. "Dawn we need to talk."

"Not right now Leo, I'm busy." I told him not turning to look at him.

"Now!" he said sternly.

I swiveled around and folded my arms not giving in. "Look, I'm busy right now so what ever you have to say, I'm sure it can wait. "I said staring him down. "Now if you excuse me I—" He apparently didn't take my disobedience well. He grabbed my arm and pulled my towards him roughly. The head phones I have in my ears ripped away.

"What do you think you're doing?" I scolded him.

"Listen here you little whore, I 'm running on a tight schedule and one way or another you're going to sleep with me." I look at him in shock.

"How could you say--" I began.

"Enough talking come here." He dragged me over to the bed and threw me on it like a rag doll. I tried getting away but he threw himself on me immediately, halting my escape. "You're not going anywhere."

He began ripping at my shirt and shorts."Leo stop!" I cried. "What has gotten into you?" He kissed me roughly silencing my protests.

The door flew off it's hinges, startling Leo. He raised his head, looked to the door and let a growl out but it was no way in comparison to the one the person at the door let loose. I turned to look at who it was. My eyes flipped between the two with my mouth open.When I finally found my voice, only one word came out.


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