Chapter 6- Alpha Match

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The song above has nothing to do with this chapter lol I just like it. 

Leonardo's POV.

Driving back to my house also known as the pack house from school I thought about how great today was and how even better tomorrow would be. Because by tomorrow sunrise I would the new alpha of Willow Star's Pack.The only thing standing in my way was my old man. Well that and my mate. My dad wasn't a problem, I'm certain I could defeat him. It's my mate I'm concerned about.

You know all that mushy stuff that happens when your find your mate. The electric shocks you get when your skin touches, the feeling of never wanting to be away from them, of always wanting to protect them. Well that's not for me. Don't worry, technically it will happen... later on, but not right away. I don't know about other packs but my particular pack has a curse on our alphas. It has something to do with my great -great grandfather but no one wants to tell me. When i'm alpha I'll force someone to. So now all alphas of this pack has or had a problem finding their mate. It's important for an alpha to have his mate by his side. She gives him power and we have to make a lot of pups to carry on our legacy. It's a shame-- not--that my parents only had me.

For each alpha--past,present and future--the same problem will occur. They will not feel drawn to their mate when they turn, nor will they once they see them.The mate of an alpha is born with a special mark that proclaims her as alpha female, belonging to the alpha male. They have that spark in them that allows them to take control but don't realize it. You have to find the one with the mark and make it complete, finish the mating ritual.

An alpha's mate is his strength as well as his weakness. If she dies she takes with her part of him.It is almost as though he has died as well. That is why the alpha female must be protected at all costs. She is the first target if a rival pack decides to attack. If she goes so does the alpha which leaves the pack in a pit of chaos.

I walked into the pack house to be greeted by cheers. A large grin spread across my face. I got a lot of pats on the back and good lucks as I went up to my father. I sat in the chair next to him as he began to speak.

"Welcome family!"He greeted. "Today my son, Leonardo has challenged me for the title of alpha. If he wins you all will be under a new leader. "The joy on my dad's face said that he didn't mind giving me the pack. It's not that he doesn't want it, it's just the time is right. He knows he cannot over stay his reign unless I lose. "And also the return of three of our own."

"Uh?" I said very intelligently if i do say so myself.

"Thank you alpha John," A man brown-haired walked up to the front. There was something wrong with the way he looked at my father,with so much hatred. A blonde beauty stood next to him, her eyes the exact same colour as that sassy girl from homeroom. It held the same beauty. on his left stood a the new boy from school. "It's good to be back."

"I'm sorry about your brother. Lawson was a good man." Alpha John said sympathetically. Lawson was my dad's third in command. He died protecting my mom in our last battle.

"I appreciate it. Thank you." The man said. "For those who do not know me. Hello my name is Josh Meyers, this is my wife Eva and my son Ethan. It's nice to see you all. I also have a daughter named Dawn," so that's her name..Dawn. "She hasn't changed yet but tomorrow is her birthday and we shall see if she becomes one of us."

After the welcoming we all headed out back for match. I will become alpha. My dad and I went out far while everyone stayed back and observed. I burst out into a large black wolf and whistles erupted from the spectators. The girls were probably waiting all day to get a glimpse of my body. Soon to be ex-alpha John chuckled and burst out into a huge silver wolf. His clothes laid in shreds on the ground as did mine.The match began.

Half an hour later I was limping away with a broken leg, five broken ribs and bleeding all over

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Half an hour later I was limping away with a broken leg, five broken ribs and bleeding all over. I've got to admit for an old man he put up quite a fight. My dad laid unconscious, he'll be alright. The pack made a path for me as i limped my way up the stairs of the house,straight to the bathroom and in the tub.i didn't bother changing back,i would heal faster as a wolf.One task down,now all that's left is to find my mate. 


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