Chapter 22- Barbecue Mess

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Dawn's POV

After everything was set up and the steak was on the grill. Courtney and I decided to go for a swim. There was a swam of butterflies in my stomach. I could feel Leo's gaze on me. Why would Courtney do this to me? I was trying to stay away from him and she brought him to me. And I can't even leave or she'd have Ethan's balls. Knowing Courtney she'd do it. Ethan was flipping the burgers and steak with a sour puss face.

"Courtney why'd you invite him?" I whisper yelled at her.

"He's not that bad." She defended him. "He really is sorry. Give him another chance, Dawn."She pleaded.

"I can't." My voice was barely audible.

"Why not?"She put a hand on my shoulder. "I-I don't want to get hurt."I felt so weak.

"Do you like him?"

I hate to say it but,"Yes." I sighed.

"Then you can't keep yourself locked up just because you're afraid to get hurt. Where's that kickass Dawn that took boys down with a mighty hand?"

"I don't know." I shook my head sadly.

"At least promise me you'll give him a chance? I'm sure you can tame him." She gave me her puppy bog face I couldn't resist.

"Fine!" She smiled broadly. "In the mean while..." I dunked her and swam away.

I pulled myself out of the lake and ringed my hair out.I looked up at Skylar was staring at me. I really dislike her. "What?!" I snapped.

"I'm sorry." She hung her head. "I didn't mean to get between you and Leo. Is there anything I can do to help?" She looked at me with wide eyes. I felt sorry for snapping at her. It wasn't her fault Leo was a jerk. I guess he's my jerk.

"It's okay."

"Nice tattoo." She gestured to the paw print.

"'s not a tattoo, it's a birth mark." I walked away from her.

Unknown's POV

I snuck away from the other. I don't think anyone saw me as I escaped into the forest. I stripped and shifted into my wolf when I was far enough and began running to the boarder. I met another member of my real pack, Stacy. I shifted back to human so I could exchange the required information.

"I've found her." I said. "Her name is Dawn Meyers...I think the alpha has already started to mate with her. Tell alpha Ronald that we need to move fast before he finishes the mating process." Stacy nodded and shifted back into her wolf then she was off.

I sighed and turned to go back to the lake.......Uh oh.

Malik's POV

I saw Skylar sneaking off into the forest.I followed her. I wonder where she was going. After a while she stripped and changed into her wolf. Call me a perv but that picture with forever be engraved in my mind. I followed her until she stopped at the boarder. I hid behind a tree a few yards away. She changed back and I saw that she was talking to another girl. I turned around out of respect and just listened.

"I've found her." Skylar said. "Her name is Dawn Meyers...I think the alpha has already began to mate with her. Tell alpha Ronald that we need to move fast before he complete the mating process. "There was a silence, I assume the other girl just nodded.

I took a peak to see the other girl was gone.I felt a shock in my heart, not the good kind. My mate was a spy and she was after Dawn. I stepped out in to her view. When she turned and saw me her eyes went wide.

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