Chapter 3- Road Rage

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"Dawn!" My mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Hurry up, we're leaving!"

"I'm coming!" I yelled back. "Don't get your panties in a twist." I muttered under my breath.

I hauled my last suitcase down the stairs and into my car. I turned the key in the ignition and it roared to life. My brother did the same and we followed behind our parents down the street, through the town, onto the highway and hence forth to a new life.

We drove for half an hour before stopping at a gas station for bathroom breaks and snacks. We entered the store and a bell rang. A slim boy with a pizza face-- scratch that, I love pizza--an acne covered face looked up at us then back down to his magazine. Dad and Ethan went to the beer section and mom and I went to the snacks.

The bell rang again and two guys walked in. I heard an ear splitting sound as the brown skin guy shot a hole in the ceiling. I ducked on instinct.

"Everyone to the back of the store now!" Said a cute guy with shaggy blond hair. Such a cute face gone to waste. *sigh* Apparently, they were stupid too. Why didn't cover their faces. I hope they weren't planning to 'take care of the witnesses.'

"Give me all the money in the register," the brown skin guy said. You know, 'brown skin guy' and cute guy with shaggy blond hair is a mouthful. I'll just call them Dude and Dudet.
The boy behind the counter emptied the register into a sack and handed it to Dude with a shakey hand while Dudet filled another sack with beer and snacks and a couple packs of cigarettes.

"Whose Bentley is that outside?" Dudet asked.

"Mine," I said in a duh tone. As if Ethan could ever own such an awesome car. Something told me that I shouldn't be too happy about them asking bout my car.

"Give me the keys," he demanded.

"No way," I looked at him like he'd just lost his mind.

"Give it up.....or else," Dude pointed the gun at me.

"Or else what? You gonna shoot me with your chrono gun." I snorted. He growled.

"Honey just give him the keys." My dad urged.

"Urgh," I groaned. "Fine."

I dropped the keys in Dudet's hand and rolled my eyes.

"Sassy little b*tch, aren't you?" He said. I bit back a comment that would have definitely gotten me shot.

They left the store in a hurry then sped away with my car and my stuff. I turned my glare of hatred on my dad. If looks could kill he'd be dead ten times over.

"This.Is.All.Your.Fault." I sneered each word then stomped out of the store like a five year old.

When they came out I was leaning against Ethan's volvo

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When they came out I was leaning against Ethan's volvo. "I'm riding with you." I stated, not giving either of them a second glance got in the car.

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