Chapter 2- Bet

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When I parked my car outside my house it was 3:30 pm. I went up to my room and saw some empty boxes.


I had finished packing my clothes and was now packing my CDs when the door opened. I looked back to see my nuisance of a brother, Ethan,  standing in my doorway. He just smiled at me. "What do you want?" I said flatly.


"I heard,well saw what you did today." He stated. "The whole school did."

"And?" I said in the same emotionless voice.

"I'm just saying," he shrugged.

"Is that all?" I snapped. "I have to finish 'packing'."

"Whatever sis'," he said and left. "Oh and dad's calling you."

II dropped what I was doing and went to find my dad. He was in the garage packing up his tools. I cleared my throat and he looked up.

"You called for me, dad?" I said, bored already.

"Yes, I did." He dusted some dust off of his Levis jeans and walked over to me. "About today."

Sigh. I'm doing a lot of sighing today.

"I know already and I'm not sorry," I muttered.

He sighed. What's with all the sighing.

"He deserved it and Britney.......she was lucky." I hissed.

He surprised me when he said," I know." I looked at him wide eyed. "But you can't just go around beating up people because they made you angry. The kids at your new school won't go easy on you, they'll fight back and might end up killing you in the process."

His words caught me off guard. Were these kids ex-cons or something. Great, he says they might kill me yet he still plans on sending me there. What a wonderful dad he was. *Note the sarcasm*

"Let them try," I said confidently not afraid of those misfits.

"Just try and stay out of trouble while we're there, please?" He pleaded.

"Sir, yes sir!" I saluted him then marched off.

I went back up to my room whistling. That was interesting. I was all hitched up to put up a fight, thinking that he was going to scold me but instead he tells me to be careful. What a caring father.........NOT!

If he cared, he wouldn't be dragging me to that hell hole-no offense to the people that leave there but I don't want to leave there. Whatever, I'll just make his life hell when we get there.


I was almost done packing when my doofus brother came in again.

"What do you want this time?" I grumbled.

"Someone's grumpy," he simpered at me.

"If you're not going to say anything useful then leave," he was really getting on my nerves.

After a moment of silence he spoke. "You really think you're a badass, don't you?"

" I don't think, I know." I grinned at him.

"Says the girl that sleeps with a teddy bear." He laughed. I blushed a furious red.

"You leave Mr. Pooh out of this!" I wagged my finger at him. So what! I sleep with a Whinnie the Pooh teddy bear.He was my first best friend, first pretend boyfriend and kiss.He'll always be stuck to me and that's that.

"Okay,okay," He laughed

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"Okay,okay," He laughed." I bet you couldn't last a day as one of those quiet,innocent, little girls you read about on novels and see on tv.

The kind that knows nothing of 'The Game' or wild parties or popularity. The complete opposite of you."

"Would too," I whined. He knew I loved a challenge and would never back down.

"Would not."

"Would too."







"Prove it," he challenged. "You have to act like that for a month." I gasped. A MONTH. "See I knew you couldn't do it." He turned his back on me getting ready to leave.

"I will." I said defiantly.

"Perfect," he sang.

"On one condition," I smirked."If I win you have to be my personal man-slave for a month.And when I say slave I mean slave."

"Deal," he answered smoothly. "You act like a goody two shoes naive little girl for one month when we get to our new school. If I lose, I'll be your man-slave for a month." We shook on it and he left.

What did I just get myself into. It would be hell, going against my nature. I laid on my bead hugging Mr.Pooh. "Goodbye parties." I muttered. 


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