Chapter 34- War

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Loenardo's POV.

I burst through the door in a blind fury. If it were possible the anger inside me died down them erupted as a volcano on a mission to destroy the island.

"Leo?" Dawn's voice in my ears soothed me but not enough to kill my bloodlust.

She was on the bed and that bastard was on top of her. My wolf howled out with a mighty vengeance and shifted against my will, not that I was complaining. We only saw scarlet. Charging at the offender he hopped off of Dawn and jumped out the window. I jumped out after him leaving a screaming Dawn behind us. He had changed into a big grey wolf. I chased him all the way to the boarder when Dawn cried for me. My wolf stopped dead in its tracks and retraced our steps back to our mate. Within seconds we were back by her side. I changed back into my human form and knelt in front of her.

I grabbed her face and kissed every inch of it. Tears streamed from her yes. I kissed the away gently before planting my lips firmly on hers. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. She stared at me like I was the greatest person and the world and I loved it. "I missed you so much.I i said. All the anger that was once there drained from me and was replaced by the love for my mate, my life.

"I knew something was wrong I could've felt it but ...I wasn't sure what." She sobbed. "I'm sorry."

"No, you don't have anything to be sorry about." I told her sternly. "If anything, I'm the one who should be sorry."

"Oh Leo!" she smashed her lips to mine and kissed me like I was air and she just came up from being submerged. I pulled her tightly to me only to push her back again.

"As much as I want to hold you right now, we've got an alpha to hunt." said determined. The anger slowly rising again.She nodded her head and we went down stairs.

Malik was in the kitchen chowing down on anything he could've find. Dawn spoke up. "Where's Skylar?" She asked.

"Malik stopped and turned to Dawn. "Isn't she at home?" He asked his voice worried.

"Last time I checked, she was searching for you." Dawn said. I could see the panic beginning to rise on Malik's face.

"We--" He was cut off by the knocking on the door. Dawn went to answer it but I stopped her and pulled her behind me. Opening the door cautiously I remained in attack mode until I saw who it was. "Sky!" Malik pulled his mate into his arms and hugged and kissed the life out of her. "I was so worried!"

"I'm so glad you're okay." She said as he set her down.

"Your ex alpha kidnapped us and kept us in some kind of dungeon." Malik explained.

"I know."She hugged hm again."I ran there because I suspected as much. You looked so broken..I couldn't do anything to help." she cried. "When I heard you'll escaped I followed suit."

"It's not your fault."Malik reassured her.

"Actually—" I began but received an elbow to the gut from Dawn. She glared up at me and I sighed. "Okay, we'll catch up later. Right now we need to round up the rest of the pack because I'm pretty sure the alpha is doing the same right about now. We have to attack them before they attack us."

"Leo's right." Malik said. "Let's go."


"Malik, round up our best fighter and put them in the front line but leave at least one or two her along with some others to protect the women and children. Dawn and Skylar, you stay here to help protect the women and children in case they decide to come to the town." I ordered.

"What!" Dawn said outraged. "There's no way I'm staying here. I want to go with you."

"It's not up for discussion. You're staying here and that's final." I said using my alpha tone. She flinched away and glared at me. I hated to do this to her but it needed to be done. I can't let her get hurt. If she comes to the battle field I won't be able to concentrate on anything other than protecting her.

"I agree with Leo here."Ethan piped up. She scowled at him.

I turned away from Dawn's sour face and spoke to my pack. "We leave in an hour."


We all stood out side of my house. I stared at my pack for a few seconds before spoke." I can't thank you enough for what you're about to do. Risking your life because of my mate and I. That's truly more than I can ever repay you for."

"You're part of our family, our alpha."A boy I recognized as Arron in my Biology class at school spoke up. "We stick together."

"For family!" He punch his fist in the air.

"For family!" The pack joined in and began chanting.

I smiled brightly at them then at a scowling Dawn before pumping my fist in the air and shouting. "To conquer!"

I ran into the woods with my pack following closely behind. Our war cries could be surely heard for miles. A clearing was coming into view and on the other side of it we could see the other pack charging.Entering the clearing I exploded into my wolf and ripped at the first wolf I saw. The entire pack followed my lead and blood was shed. Our own personal war had began. 

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