Chapter 4- Dream

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Very short chapter >.< sorry bout that. 

It was 11:57 pm. when we arrived at a moss covered house. It had vines running up its sides and windows. It was two stories and had a wide front yard. Trees surrounded it and so did this dark aura. Maybe I'm delusional. It had this ancient look to it but looked beautiful in an odd way. Although it was a sight to see i'd still rather be back home.

I was too tired to unpack any of the stuff so I headed upstairs and crashed in the first room I found. The house was already furnished so we didn't have to bring any of our furniture. That night I had the most peculiar dream ever.

I was running through the woods, it was dark out but I could still see. I was moving so fast. I never new I could run so fast. Everything was in black, white and shades of grey. What was wrong with my eyes?

I dashed through the woods, dodging trees and fallen branches without a second thought. My reflexes were amazing. I could feel power surging through my limbs and my entire body. I felt invincible.

A howl pierced the night sky then died into a whimper a few minutes later. All the power I had been feeling not too long ago was gone. Fear and anxiety crept in around me. I was now vulnerable.

My ears perked as I heard the rapidly approaching galloping behind me. I began to push myself harder. Adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was running so fast that when i came upon a quickly approaching lake, I had to skid to a stop to prevent myself from falling in the dark waters. I panted. The adrenaline fading away and my legs began to feel numb.

I looked over the water and froze, if only for a moment. My dark eyes stared back at me but the face it was on was not my own. A long snout, tall ears, chiseled canines inhabited the face. Covered in fur the color of my hair; a dark brown.

My shock was short lived. The person, or thing, whatever it was, had caught up to me. The silhouette went from tree to tree cornering me. I tried to will my legs to move but they wouldn't budge. I was trapped. It was so fast; I tried to follow its movements but just got dizzy. The shape stopped moving but stayed hidden in the shadows. Blue-grey eyes stared at me lustfully. I saw the depths of the ocean in those eyes. It seemed like forever when the trance broke and a huge black wolf stepped out of the shadows and towered over me. I crumpled to the ground as pain rippled through my body and streamed to one point. The Paw print. 

I shot up in bed, panting. Sweat trailed down the middle of my back and swamped my face. My brown hair stuck to my back. I went to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My eye were wide and... glowing. I shut my eyes and my breath came rigid and quick. When I reopened then they were their normal brown again. I must have been really tired. I lifted my shirt and my eyes went wide in shock. The mark I carried my entire life over my heart darkened. It was now light brown instead of peach. What was happening to me? I can't deal with this now. I went back to bed and prayed for a dreamless sleep. But before I drifted off into my answered prayer I muttered under my breath, "stupid dream."

I woke up in the morning to a loud crash across the room.
"Sorry," my dad muttered as he gestured to the suitcase lying on the floor, which I presume made the noise. "I thought I would let you sleep in today since you had a rough time last night." He explained. "Ethan told my about Mr.Pooh."

"It doesn't matter anymore." I said dryly.

"Oh,ok then." he turned. "I'll just go get the rest of the stuff." He said leaving the room.

I laid back on the bed, staring at the white ceiling. What's wrong with me? I mused to myself.

First I have this major melt down and nearly kill a guy, then I had this weird dream and after that the paw print birth mark I carried my entire life darkens a shade or three. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Oh and speaking of playing tricks; I thought I saw my eyes glow.

I took a quick peek down my shirt. Yep,it turned light brown. I'm a freak. I can't tell my family. They wouldn't want me anymore,they'd throw me out on the streets or give me to the government to experiment on. I can't tell them, I just can't.

My dad came back up the stars carrying my second suitcase with Ethan behind him carrying a box labelled shoes. I decided to stop moping around and help them with the remaining things. The moving truck had brought all the large stuff while we were still back home.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking and trying to make the house feel like home. Mom told us that we would be starting school tomorrow, Wednesday. I wondered if I would be able to control my temper if anyone angered me. Dad said that the kids might kill me, I'm afraid that I might kill them. 


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