Chapter 13- Skype call

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Dawn's POV.

I woke up in the morning feeling renewed. I took in a deep breath and this amazing scent filled my lungs. It took me a while to realize it was Leo's scent. I wrinkled my nose-in an attempted to dislike it. It didn't work. Speaking of him, where is the little devil? I could have sworn I smelt him come in last night.

I went into my bathroom and stretched in front of my full length mirror. The paw print was completely black. I hope that's the final colour it's gonna turn cause I'm sick of it. Besides this little troublemaker my entire body was glowing like I'd just had sex.Well I did have a sex dream ....Does that count?

I hopped into the shower and took my cool time letting the warm water run down my body. It was Saturday so I didn't have anything doing. I'd have to chat with Courtney about her stupid plan. How could he resist me, I'm GORGEOUS!(If you haven't yet noticed I have a very high self esteem.)

Considering I insult him at every corner, I don't think this suede him plan is going to work out.

I got out of the shower and threw on a pair of cut offs that came just below my ass (i'm at my home) and a purple tank top. While drying my hair I waited for the laptop to power up. When it was up I signed into Skype. Luckily she was online. I set a scowl on my face before clicking on her.

"By the look on your face I'm assuming the plan didn't work." She said cautiously.

"Ya think." I snapped. "He laughed in my face."

"Damn that boy is hard,"She said impressed.

I sighed. "What now?"

"Let's think." She said and leaned back in her chair rubbing her chin as if she had a goaty.

After like five minutes we still hadn't come up with anything. So much for evil masterminds. "You know what why don't you just be mean to him in a sarcastically nice way to piss him off and if that doesn't work shove the stick further up his ass." She held up a mighty fist. "Or just kill him."She shrugged.

"She won't do that unless she wanted to be punished." Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Uh oh." Courtney sang.

I turned around slowly to stare up at a blank Leo.That's a surprise. And to think I thought he'd be mad about us plotting his demise. "What are you doing here?"

"Have you forgotten that you are suppose to be helping clean up?" He walked up to me--looking like a sexy god--- and pulled me off the chair and sat down.

"Hey!"I exclaimed.

"You were right Dee. He's a sexy asshole." Courtney glared at him.

He pulled me down to seat on him and turned back to Courtney. "Happy? Now who might you be?"

"Her best friend forever." She said proudly. Head held high.

"Well sorry 'Best friend ever' but I'm going to have to steal Dawn for now. She has work to do."

"You can't do that,you jerk!She--"He minimized the chat.I don't think he realized that he didn't close it.

"Asshole."I muttered.

"I heard that."


Leonardo's POV

When it was 6 a.m.I slipped out of her room and went home.The place was a mess. Half the party was passed out in various rooms. It looked just like this afternoon but worse. Malik was past out on my bed. I didn't bother to wake him up. I crashed next to him. Sleeping on that chair hurt. I couldn't bare to leave her but I had to come prepare. And besides if she caught me in her room she'd throw a fit.

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