Chapter 29- Pack

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Leonardo's POV.

I ran the perimeter of my land at full speed. My blood boiled at the thought of someone laying a hand on my love. She could be so naive and stubborn at times. If she'd just only obey me. Leave it up to fate to give me a mate who constantly challenges me.

Fate gave you a mate to put you in your place. My wolf spoke.

I don't need to be put anywhere, I know my place. It's she who needs to recognize hers. I growled back.

Isn't this suppose to bee the other way around? It asked.

What? I snapped back.

I'm suppose to be the unruly one and you're suppose t be the level headed one. Yet still you're acting like a buffoon. It gave a smart ass comment.

I growled in response.

Technically you're growling at yourself since i'm in your mind so you'd probably look pretty stupid. It retorted.

Damn! You're annoying! Before Dawn showed up you weren't such a smart ass.

Yea well I guess she got your brain working again. Now let's get down to business. If you'd just see past your stupid pride maybe we could protect Dawn better. I remained silent. Good then. It's her choice to forgive Skylar so we can't be mad at her for that, but the least we can do is call a pack meeting and let the others know what's going on.

Fine. I grunted.

Dawn's POV.

He wasn't even gone for an hour and I was missing him like crazy. Despite that there was no way I was running to him first. He always wants to be right, well not this time. He's being an ass. If I wanted Skylar in my life then I'll have Skylar in my life.

"Dawn!" My mom called. "Get down here."

"Yes mom?"

"Alpha Leo called a pack meeting in the woods." She said.

"And?" I crossed my arms stubbornly.

"We have to go," she continued.

"No," I corrected her. "You do. He has no control over me."

"Stop being unreasonable." She scolded. "He's just worried about you."

"You're right."I sighed.

"Ethan and Storm! We're leaving." She called up the stairs.

We all changed into our wolves and ran to the clearing where the meeting was being held. When we got there the rest of the pack was already there including Leo. I avoided eye contact with him.

I'm sorry. I wipped my head around. Who said that? Forgive me? I turned around and saw Leo looking directly at me.

How did he do that? I thought. I didn't expect him to reply so I was a bit startled. It's a wolf thing. I could almost see him shrug.

So only we can do it or...I trailed off.

Wolves of the same pack can do it and also mates. He explained.

That's so cool!

Yea it is. Does that mean you forgive me? He asked hopefully.

Does that mean you're okay with Skylar in my life? I countered.

Yes. He answered immediately.

Then yes. I confirmed.

Good. He came over and licked my face.

Eww. I wined but smiled on the inside.

I got to get this started. Love you. He called as he padded to the front. Love you too. I called back.

Okay everyone. I know you're anxious to know why I called you all here.Well you all know my lovely mate Dawn, there's this prophecy about her and now there's another alpha after her. He told them about the prophecy and that about Skylar being a traitor but that she was on our side now. He also told them that the alpha would be attacking very soon and that we need to be ready.

I would be very grateful if you'd help me protect my mate.

There were choruses of yes and always and for the alpha female.

Thank you. We will take turns patrolling the perimeter. He split them up into groups and after they split up and went home.

Thank you.. I thought to the entire pack.

Ethan, Malik--he had fully healed within two hours--Leo and I remained.Our parents had left already were left with the others. I turned to Ethan and tried to talk to him but he wasn't responding. I was met by an echoing silence each time I spoke.I tilted my head in confusion but it left as soon as Leo nudged my side and motioned to the forest. I took one last look at Ethan and left with Leo. 


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