7. Because otherwise they don't get their pay.

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Igloo was called Iggy
And he had a green piggy
Called Merl [Endangered Species]
And it used to twirl
Around fish
Unless they granted him a wish
For which Iggy would say 'yoink'
And busy Merl with Kerploink
While he took the wish
But then the fish said squish
Because Iggy took it from Merl
And then suddenly Merl was granted a pearl!
But then it started to curl!
"Well, fancy that!"
Said an old cravat
"Who are you?"
Asked Merl the boat with a moo
Remember he was a boatload of the year before that explosion of poo
Yes, the one that could not float
He sank down in the moat
And turned the colour brown
Then he landed on Pickle [Endangered Species]
And yes, she is a pickle
She was with Goose [Good Game. (He's a guy.)]
The girl cross between a gull and a moose
Who liked geeses
As well as meeses
Who are mooses
Just like gooses
And then Iggy sat down
Wearing a frown
Which was made of colourful silk
And looked like milk
Because frowns were the latest in fashion
And so were fruits of passion
But Iggy spat the fruit on Merl's head
Who, though a green pig, went RED
Because the squished pickle
Named, well, Pickle
Had been with Goose's friend
A purple follower of trends
In fact a lamp,
Called RAMP
Because she liked to build them
Whenever she had 'tem'
Which was her way of saying time
Even though she was a mime
And Merl was quite smitten
With Ramp the lamp who didn't like to have mittens
But Iggy wasn't
He liked his friend Crozent
See, she couldn't spell her name
But she could certainly maim
If anyone tried to correct her
So no one did, only bought her fur
That she used to make hats
For Iggy and things like, well, scat
Because she was fond of their shade
Which didn't fade
Because it was brown
And in ye olde scat would cause people to drown
Which is kind of a bit yuck
And nothing like muck
Which are made from ducks and mice
Who like to dance around thrice
In one day
Because otherwise they don't get their pay.

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