3. Wow.

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Her name was Snow White
And she was never right,
So no one wanted her in quiz teams
So she put on different shaving creams
Everyone thought she was weird
Then found out she had speared
A toilet, so cleanly
That it looked somewhat greenly!
And SW saw some bushes
That turned out to be giant mooshes
Of soil that was peed on
In fact there was a ton
Of stuff that had been peed
Into the weeds
Which were so long
And they started to pong
For a cow was pissing
But the farmer thought it was missing
The cow jumped up and said, "Whoops!"
For it seemed to have lost all its poops.
A dog ran up.
It said, "what's a pup?"
And then a violin said moo.
It went skydiving and yelled, "Whoo Hoo!"
There was a dad-pat
The violin didn't know it was THAT.
For it thought it was a belly
But it was just the telly
The violin dropped and got crushed
And when it squeaked, it just got hushed
It's view got cleared
And a figure appeared
For it was a panda
And it was from Canada
The violin just figured
That its brain was disfigured
But alas, it had no brain
So it just hopped onto a train
And met a girl
That started to hurl
For the train drove on some bumpy rocks
That made everyone catch the chicken pox
The girl was Snow White
And then she took a bite
From the violin whose name was Fred
And its colour was not red
It was actually hot pink
But of course it couldn't think
So it thought it was a pear
Even after it almost ate a bear
It was so furry
And so it began to bury
The poor grain of sand
Though even if it was a bit bland
Fred put a whole flower garden on top of it
Then he needed to sit
For he needed to poo
So he found a screw
And drilled a tiny hole
Then he put in a small bowl
And said to it, "Is your name Cole?"
Before running away
To see if it could stay
In a house called Bob's house
With Bob the louse.
Fred then got mashed
By a UFO that crashed
Into a couch in the house of Bob
Who had been eating a corn cob.
Meanwhile Snow White
Confused her friend, who was called Orange Height.
Orange was tall,
And lived in a house that was small.
Snow White kept on saying,
That she kept on paying,
For a house on a road
Beside a massive toad.
She was called SW so they thought she lived south,
With a mouth on her face, and on her head more than five nests,
Near the west,
With her friends the gleep,
Who were in fact green sheep.
And they went, "Boo, boo"
SW listened to them, until she needed the loo
She then had a big wee
And somewhere in the middle, had a pee
Which is another word for a different way of saying poop
She accidentally did the pee on the carpet so she needed a scoop
There still was a brown stain
Which was a real pain
Because it wouldn't come off
And the smell made her cough
It smelled a bit whiffy
So she called Biffy [Detentionaire]
To get rid of the smell
So he used a shell
To listen to the beach
He put it in some bleach
But that just dissolved it
And existed no more, did it
So Biffy took the carpet to the shop
Who bought it, paying for it with a mop
That was covered in glitter
And famous on Twitter.
SW ate the mop
So she ditched Biffy
Who also didn't care about Miffy, [rabbit]
Who felt left out and sad,
Because she was mad.
SW had trouble
After popping a bubble,
Because she'd eaten the mop,
So she went to the shop.
She became famous for eating it,
And then also became fat, a bit.
The famous mop
Was now used as a sop
For SW's tummy acids,
Which weren't at all placid.
She then started hurling
While watching Trina [Grojband] curling
Because Trina had a nit
That felt it could knit
A blanket of cheese
Even though it couldn't eat geese.
But it ate a lot of chicken

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