4. Which she eventually acquired the taste to and enjoyed her meal.

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Sup, y'all!
Btw, its'all mine... Meaning I wrote this one.

So, there was this banana
Who kept tryna'
Do a somersault in the air
But it wasn't fair
Because he couldn't
Not that he wouldn't,
It wasn't so
But because he wasn't round
Nor could he make a sound.
His best friend was a pear
But he didn't care
He thought it was great
To aerate
Your dough mixture
For it was a permanent fixture
To your skin
And of your kin,
Or in this case
Bananas had a different face
More like a peel than a skin
That you could chuck in a bin,
Unlike ours
That we kept on when we had showers
'Cause that would hurt
Just like it had hurt Burt
When he was diagnosed with PanHands
So he had to be cooked with skin, sans,
Hurt like my ears when Burt's PanHands scraped metal against metal,
Only just missing the kettle
But Burt realised that only Love could stop the War
A man who was hardcore
Had taught him that,
Made him phat
That kid was Jonathan Thulin
Who was coolin'
Not chillin'
Not killin'
Because that's uncool
Just like a mule
It's a rule
I know
For it was my foe
My foe told me
To be a tree
So I did the opposite
And made a composite
Of foods
Along with the Croods
And Guy
Who sang Try
With 1 Girl Nation
So they didn't need a translation
For they had eaten weird broccoli
So the Croods made a mockery
In a French accent.
Yes, a French accent
Because they were so crude,
Always in a mood,
Unlike the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows who dance with puppies
Who were secretly guppies
Who then decided to become piranhas
And they eventually became Lana's.
But they didn't survive very long
For Lana couldn't prolong
The fact that she was hungry
Like Bunbury
So she ate them all.
In the food court of the mall
While trying on dresses
For that is what you do, wearing hundreds of tresses,
Or so she thought.
But she was caught
And was forced to rot the food,
And because they were extra rude,
They made her eat the gross, rotten food.
Which she eventually acquired the taste to and enjoyed her meal.

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