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(>°o°)> so adorable. >.< o.O

Can you guess who wrote which line? ;D

We made these poems in 2015 ever so randomly, at different times. Enjoy!

    1. He wouldn't say a peep. (THE BEAN CALLED BURT)
    2. But instead, he just constipated. (THE OLD CHAIR)
    3. Wow. (SNOW WHITE)
    4. And stopped at Antarctica. (BLUE BUCKET)
    5. And so Gandalf wore a fedora. (AN OLD GREEN WALRUS)
    6. Or they'd look a bit strange. (THE LEATHER BOOTS)
    7. Because otherwise they don't get their pay. (IGLOO THE MOP)
    8. And then dance around in tutus and umbrellas. (THE SHARPENER CALLED MR. PIG)
    9. Strange Nonsense

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