6. Or they'd look a bit strange.

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There once was a pair of boots
And for some reason, there were some roots
The owner of the boots took them out
But then started to pout
For she found them inside
But then she wanted to hide
Because someone had electrocuted those pretty boots
Then suddenly, someone put their 'foots' in the roots
Because they thought it was a pair of slippers
But alas, they were flippers
For the roots were not actually roots but flappy things for swimming
But then the owner started skimming
Across water that made sounds all in different tones,
Because it was a musical pond,
And of really slow music it was fond
Because the water was really slow
As well as the river that nearby would flow
Into the pond and make it nice and fat
Though it didn't like when ducks wore hats.
For the ducks kept on pooping
But never scooping
They would just waddle off
And the pond would just scoff
Because they were just so lazy
Even if their eyesight was just a bit hazy
The water had gone into their eyeballs
But not from the waterfalls
Because those were about 10 miles away
Which is where the dog went astray
Though it never had a owner
He wasn't a loner
Because he had a pet car
But it wouldn't go far
It was probably the engine problem
Which made it not know about phlegm
Though it knew plenty about sheep
But not really about geep
"As if geep were real!"
The dog, coloured teal,
Would often yell out
And then the boots called him a lout
Even if he wasn't, though,
Well...his friend's name was Moe [Veggietales]
And Moe was friends with Big Bird [Sesame Street]
Of Elmo he had never heard
Big Bird, that is, not Moe,
Who of course almost ate a toe
Of a bird that was big,
But nothing like a pig,
For which Big Bird was glad,
And not at all mad
To be not like a pig
Because, of course, a pig would jig,
And Big Bird didn't like dancing
Neither did he like prancing
Because it would give him a cramp
Normally when he set camp
For he always used his feet
And his hands on the street
But he would drive with his ears
But not with its peers
Which were the nose, eyes and other face stuff
But not with the fluff
For that had been chucked out
And given to a scout
For selling poops
That were from chicken coops
But most of it was eggs
Which had a few pegs
Inside the shell
And also the bell,
And Big Bird was bright red,
And standing on his head,
Because Moe just told the boots,
Well, everything, except about the loot,
For which BB (Big Bird) was glad
And not at all sad
Because he'd just got a cat
That hadn't sat on his mat
Which was bright pink and fluffy
And weirdly, the mat was named Muffy [Arthur]
Because it was friends with Gwen [Merlin]
Who was definitely not a hen
But just a nice girl,
With hair that would curl
And not like Trina [Grojband]
Who didn't really like Mina
But anyway, the boots
Had just eaten the roots
That had actually been flippers
That looked kinda like slippers,
And those boots were called Moo
And they couldn't poo-
After all, they were shoes!
And no, shoes couldn't really eat moose
Or they'd look a bit strange.

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