💠 Ja'far's birthday party //part 4// 💠

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"Come in, (y/n)"

You open the door, revealing Ja'far sitting in his desk surrounded by paperwork.

"Hi, Ja'far! Want some help?" you ask as you walk his way.

"It's fine, you don't have to worry, plus, I know you hate paperwork" he looks at you and you sweat drop.

"Well, yeah, but it's your birthday! You should not be doing paperwork!" you say as you puff your cheeks, he blushes and smiles as he finds this cute.

"It's fine, the fact that it's my birthday does not mean I can stop working" he replies softly.

“But you could take a break..." you insist.

"It's fine it's fine" argues the former assassin.

You seat in the chair across the desk and stare.

“What is it?" asks Ja'far, confused by your actions.

"Nothing..." you lie with a grin.

//I wonder if he will like his present...// you think as you see him keep writing at an amazing speed.

After about an hour he finishes signing the last scroll, placing down his quill and stretching his arms, you blush slightly.

"Hey Ja'far?"

"Yes?" He questions, focusing on you.

“Can you tell me how it was to travel with Sin when you were younger?" you ask, trying to distract him so the others can prepare everything for the party.

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

“Was it fun?" you ask while tilting your head.

“It was, a lot" he says, smiling at such memories.

"Did it went wrong sometimes?"

"It sure did, just remembering how it went in Artemyra makes me laugh" he says smiling.

"What happened?" You ask curiously.

Ja'far told you the story of how he, Sin and Mystras got threw off a cliff to death and how they survived eating snakes and mysterious meat they found on the floor, he also told you how they escaped hiding in the bird's food.

"Wow" you say, surprised with the story.

The man laughs a bit and you can't help but giggle yourself.

You really liked how Ja'far sometimes smiled and laughed around and with you, it made you happy.

"Yeah, it was fun" says the white haired.

"It sounds funny but I don't think I could have done it that easily" you admit.

"Haha, that's true" he says.

You take your pocket clock out and see it's already 5:52.

As you put the clock back in your pocket there is a knock in the door, which then opens only to reveal a satisfied looking Sin.

"What is it, Sin?" asks Ja'far.

"Nothing, but dinner is ready so you two should probably come down" he says with his signature smile, you and Ja'far nodding.

"I have to go grab something from my room, go ahead" you suggest while standing up and fixing your clothes. Sinbad shakes his head.

"Don't worry, we’ll wait for you" says the purple haired and gives you a slight nod.

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