💠 Ja'far child! x Reader //part 2// 💠

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"What the holy jelly?" you say as you look at the petit Ja'far sitting in the couch.

“How did THIS happen?!" you ask while signaling the little boy, who stands up and walks closer to you.

"Well... I was trying to cast a spell to reduce stress and maybe stop him from working so much but... It ended up with him like this..." says Yamraiha with concern washed over her face.

"He looks so stupid!!!" laughs Sharrkan while pointing at the boy standing in front of him.

It didn't take long before tiny Ja'far had his eyes filled with tears.

As the little boy starts crying everyone turns to glare at Sharrkan, but nothing had prepared him for the look you give him.

As he sees your usually shiny cheerful (e/c) eyes turn into a dark shade of the color he knew he had fu**** up.

"You are really the worse..." says Yamraiha.

"You made him cry, have you no soul?" comments Sinbad.

"Sharrkan you are such an idiot..." says Pisti, who had just arrived with the basket of groceries.

"You are so dead", you whisper loud enough for him to get shivers down his back.

You walk up to the freckled boy and reach your hand to his hair, petting his head softly after kneeling down.

“It's fine, Ja'far, don't listen to him, he is just an idiot" you say while smiling and hugging him. The boy stops crying a little after and only soft sobs could he heard.

"(y/n)..."he called your name, almost in a whisper.


"Do you want to play outside with me?" he asks a little nervous while looking at the floor.

"Sure!" you say, taking his tiny hand and standing up.

//His personality is completely different... even from when he was a kid...// you think while walking with him to the garden.

When the two of you get there you turn your head and notice he has a small smile plastered in his face, not being able to hold back a smile of your own.

"So, what do you want to play?"

"Let's play tag!" he chimes.

"All right!" you say and as soon as you do Ja'far ran away.

You stand there, slightly dumbfounded that the child  a is as fast as his adult self. It seemed like you'll once more thank for training.

The two of you continue to play as the hours go by, at first alone but, eventually, the rest of the generals joined.

By the time you were all exhausted, well, except Masrur, it was already getting dark outside.


You hear someone call and turn to see Aladdin walking to you.

"Yes?" you ask while struggling to catch your breath.

“Can you cook a lot of food?, I feel I might die" he says dramatically.

"Yeah, please, (y/n)" says Alibaba as he crawls next to the bluenette.

“Okay, okay, I will" you say with a big smile.

You were know to be an awesome cook, you could give almost everything an amazing taste, except for Morgiana's food...that was impossible.

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