Fuck you sinbad

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SPOILER WARNING!!! And I also warn you, there will be a LOT of swear words!

Ok, so let's start saying FUCK YOU SINBAD, why?, because he should fucking burn in hell!
When you became nuts with your fucking fate it was fine, you proved to be a bastard, it was fine, you FUCKING IGNORED JA'FAR and then and just then I got mad at you, I thought you where dead and cried! But then came back to fucking live! I was happy until you and your little disgusting cock faced friend david came along and started messing with ugo! You took the happiness out of everyone and by the way YOU FUCKING TOOK MY ALIMORG ALONG!!!  YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THOSE TWO TO BECOME COUPLE FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING MANGA!!! AND THEN DECIDE IT'S OKAY TO KILL EVERYBODY INCLUDING YOUR FRIENDS!!! WHEN MY YAMXSHRKAN OR PISTYXSPARTOS ARE YET TO BECOME CANNON!!
WHAT THE FUCK SINBAD?! I LIKED YOU YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD! But I still believe you can change your opinion, someone can make you change.... but... If you kill ja'far i'll probably fall in depravation so yea!
I'm sorry about this chapter, just had to let it out :3...

Anyways! Thanks so much guys!!!!


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