A super cool community!

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Hi guys!! I am alive!!! Sorry for not updating in a trillion years I just ran out of inspiration and self-esteem but I'll be back!! I've thought about some ideas I jus need to put them together! Anyways the reason for this chapter is not only this announcement but also to tell you guys about an amazing community a friend of mine found!

This is a community you can find in amino, which is this cool app to find communities and friends of stuff you like, so basically this is a role play magi host club kind of community, it's really fun and my friend has gotten to meet a lot of awesome people!

In this community you can find your favorite magi characters as hosts and you can be their guests! If you would like here's the link so you can check it out!:

Oh! Almost forgot! Here's a message rom pisti to kou-chan (idk ok?): I'M SORRY!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO KILL ME IT'S FINE!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! I'M SORRY!!!! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!! (hey NekoMadHatter idk what this idiot did but I'm sorry for how stupid she is ( ̄▽ ̄) )

That's it for todays "chapter"! I'll be updating as soon as I can! Thanks for everything!

See Yaa!!!

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