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a'far hurried throughout the hallways of the Sindrian palace, following a guard who walks a few steps ahead.

Maids and workers from the palace bow at the former assassin as he walks by, but he had no time to return the gesture, causing the servants to look at the usually calm man in concern.

Once the albino and guard arrive the entrance of the palace, green eyes immediately land on the many other guards and maids, who look up with horrified expressions.

Ja'far doesn't turn around to look up, deciding to calm down before doing so.

Shortly after, the King and rest of the eight generals arrive to the spot, three teenagers following closely.

The recent arrivers notice the servants looking up, turning their own attention towards the top of the palace.

Ja'far stared at them and saw the color slowly draining from their faces, Yamraiha covering her lips with both hands.

"What is going on exactly?..." asks Ja'far, still refusing to look back.

"You are going to murder her…” simply answers Sharrkan, eyes wide and pale awfully paler.

After hearing this words Ja'far decides to finally look back, turning around and eyes landing on the tallest tower of the palace.

The former assassin’s heart sinks, noticing that, on the top of said tower, stands a girl, sketchbook in her left hand, pencil in her right one and staff carefully laying by her side. The woman keeps her eyes glued in the distant sea, apparently unaware of the spectators that stare at her in horror.

Ja'far's face became paler than usual, till the point of looking as white as his hair.

"(y/n)!!! What do you think you are doing there!?" yes, the now sick looking male, at the top of his lungs.

Those around him flinch and turn at the usually calm man in surprise, watching as he has a nervous attack.

The woman turned down at them, staring at the albino in amazement, (h/c) locks gracefully blowing with the breeze. She smiles and waves cheerfully.

"Hi, Ja'far!! It's awesome up here!!" she carelessly yells back, smile still plastered in her face.

"What the f- (y/n)! you get down here RIGHT NOW!!!" Ja'far yells once more, losing whatever composure he had left.

The woman nods while pouting, getting ahold of her staff.

After careful closing her sketchbook the woman sits in her staff, proceeding to descend from the tall tower.

The woman swiftly stops in front of the albino, landing in front of him with a pout.

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!" the advisor yells furiously.

(Y/n) limited herself to show him her sketchbook, which had a beautiful drawing of the beach.

"I just wanted to draw~" answered the girl, smiling sheepishly.

Ja'far's face turns red from anger, taking (y/n) by the arm only to see her flinching in pain.

His eyes widened as he checked her arm, which had a long cut, not deep, but it seemed painful.

Ja'far waited no time and started dragging her by the hand.

"J-Ja'far? where are we going?" asked the girl while smiling nervously.

"To the infirmary, obviously!" he replied harshly, walking through the halls while owning concerned glances from the servants.

"It's not that serious! You worry too much~" said the girl, smiling while they entered the infirmary.

Ja'far sited her in a chair and looked right into her eyes.

"Of course I worry!! You are always doing this kind of stupid dangerous stuff! What would have happened if you fell or injured badly?!" the male asks.

A frown forms in (y/n)'s face as she stands up.

"You are always climbing roofs and stuff too!" replied the girl, bitterly.

"I am a former assassin! I can take care of myself!" he argued back.

"I'm a magician! I can take care of myself too! Plus, I can basically fly if needed!" she replies sassily, landing a finger in his chest and, frantically, pointing to her staff with her free hand.

"Excuses!" Ja'far huffs, lightly slapping her finger away and grabbing her hand.

“I like adventure! Sorry about that! Plus, that's one of the reasons you love me! ‘Cause I'm not a boring ass old lady!" (Y/n) says, first seriously but with a growing smirk by the end.

"W-what?!" the male asks, blushing deeply at her words.

"Yeah! I said it!" the girl beams, leaning her face closer to his, so much to the point of being two inches away.

"No I don't!" Ja'far says defensively, blushing even harder if humanly possible.

"Ha?! I can't hear you! Why you blushing then?!" (Y/n) teases, grinning for a second before kissing his freckled cheek.

Ja'far turned of twenty different shades of red as (y/n) got away from him, the female grabbing a bandage and starting to wrap her wound with it.

The woman turns around, chuckling at the male, who was still in shock until he realized she was staring at him.

"What are you doing?!" asked Ja'far, still embarrassed.

"Being a boss!" replied (y/n) taking her sketch book, pencil and staff only to start running up to the window and jumping out of it.

Ja'far's eyes widened and he ran to the window.

"(Y/n)!?!" the albino calls, panicking until he sees the (h/c) haired floating while sitting in her staff.

“I'll see you later! I love you!" the female angrily yells, flying away.

"DAMN IT, (Y/N)!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!" Ja'far yelled back, still furious, he then chuckled and decided to go finish his paperwork.


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