💠 Introduction 💠

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Shiro: Hi there! Welcome to this oneshot book! As you may or may not know this was my very first book here, in Wattpad!

As you may have noticed in the title (maybe it has already been removed) this book is/ was undergoing some editing to make it less cringe worthy!

I do believe my writing skills have improved since I first started so the stories in this book have been 'improved'.

The way Kuro (my friend who I share this account with and was kind enough to start the editing process) decided to mark this stories who have been edited is with this little flower:


So, basically, if you see that little flower on top of the oneshot you'll know it was edited for best :)

Kuro: Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoy the book or like the editing we did.

Shiro: Thanks guys! Enjoy!


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