💠 Ja'far child! x Reader //part 1// 💠

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Kuro: that lil flower up there means this oneshot has been edited to make it less cringe worthy... Thank you for reading.


It's another sunny day in Sindria, you walk by the market place while buying groceries for the next few days.

Looking down you realize you have almost got everything you need, the only thing missing are some apples

With swift movements you turn left and keep walking while, once more,, reading the list you hold in your free hand.


At the sound of your name being called by a rather familiar voice you turn around, spotting Pisti running like there was no tomorrow.

"Hi Pisti, what's the matter?" you ask and put the list in the basket with the groceries.

"We- we have a problem" she says catching her breath.

You tilt your head, "What's wrong?"

"It's Ja'far"

"What?! What happened?!" you ask while panicking.

"It seems Yamraiha was practicing some kind of spell with Aladdin and it got out of control and hit Ja'far" she explains quickly.

"Pisti can I leave you this things?!" you ask while handing the groceries to the small blond.

"Sure! Now go, (y/n)-chan!!!!"

With not another second to waste, you start running, eventually gaining speed while making your way through the crowded market.

It was in this situations you thanked the heavens for training so much, being able to use your abilities as it seems fit.

After a while you finally make your way to the palace, hurrying inside.

"Sin? Yam?" you call while walking by the halls, eventually reaching the living room.

"(y/n)!!" Sinbad calls after spotting you outside the room, everyone turning to meet your (e/c) eyes.

"Where is he?" you ask, fearing the worst for your boyfriend.

"He's here", says Sharrkan while choking on a laugh, stepping away.

Your eyes widen a bit, the problem clear as daylight from the very beginning.

Ja'far sits in the couch, for some reason being five instead of twenty-five years old.

The boy looks in awe at the generals surrounding him before his green eyes meet your own.

"What the holy jelly?"


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