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Hi! as the title talks by it self I was tagged! The person who tagged me was Minxbunny! hi guuuurl! thanks for tagging me as your friend :3, even if I only was used to fill the gap or if it has a mining I am glad you tagged me!.

So you may already figured out what the tag is about, you must tag 15 people who you consider true friends! so here we go!, By the way Minxbunny-chan, I know you tagged me but I will tag you as well because I appreciate you a lot, you have been one of the first persons who supported me and I am grateful!

1- Minxbunny

2- Magifanficrec ( you have also supported me a lot, thanks!)

3- Puzzle99

4- Sheiba

5- AwesomeSauceIdeas

6- Awmakashi


8- xxAkemiBeauty

9- Miss_Shindo

10- KilluaZoldkuck

11- choolalove0

12- Zodiac12388

13- LightGodess13

14- HypnoticNyxol

15- imperialknightEmiley

So there you go guys! By the way I want to take a moment and get sentimental because I can, So I wanted to thank you guys so much for all the support you have given me during my short time in wattpad, as you may have noticed I tagged those who have been with me for the longest, some of those who I tagged have been with me since my first chapter and have inspired me to try even if I am not that good at writing, I want to thank you sincerely and hope you are happy because you make me happy every time you vote on my crappy stories, or comment on my tags, or add my "work" to your lists or even get to the point of following me!!!, thanks so much for all of that and I hope you stay by my side because it always helps me!! I'm sorry if I tagged you and you don't consider me your friend, and if you don't want to answer the tag that's fine.

So yeah guys! hope you enjoyed this tag! once again thanks and I will see you soon!

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