💠 I will //part 1// 💠

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Why? Why did it have to turn out this way? Why now?

The same question keep crashing I'm your mind, making you bury even further in the corner of your room as you continue to cry your heart out.

1 hour before

You run through the halls of the Sindrian palace. You couldn't believe this was happening.

You finally come to a stop in front of the infirmary, slamming the door open before seeing your fears come true.

Laying in a bed is your sister, surrounded by the generals, the King and Aladdin and his friends. Some of them have tears streaming down their faces.

"I'm so sorry (y/n)...." says Yam and hugs you, still crying.

"What?" you ask, still in shock and confusion.

"Kaori, she's- she's gone..." says Sharrkan.

Reality hits you, pushing you to the breaking point as tears stream down your cheeks, holding Yamraiha like your life depended on it.

The only person. The only one who loved you unconditionally, the one who was always there with you, who had gone through all you've gone through was now gone.

Letting go of Yam, you hurriedly walk up to the bed, shaking your sister's body.

“Hey, Kaori? Wake up! Hey!” you cry.

"Miss (y/n), she is not here anymore" says Aladdin, heartbroken by your reaction.

You let go of her and run out of the room.

“(Y/n)!” Sinbad calls, but you don't turn, you don't care.

You slam the door of your room closed, locking it before dropping to your knees and crying.

Two weeks have passed since your sister died, not a single smile or laugh appearing in you face, your work efficiency dropping noticeably, rarely leaving the palace and you'd barely even touch food.

"Hey, (y/n), we’ll be throwing a welcoming party for Princess Kougyoku, you're also required to assist since it's an important event" says Sin from the other side of your room door.

"Understood..." you say in monotone voice, standing up from your corner.

You slowly open your closet, picking out a simple long sleeved dress.

You stand in front of the mirror, staring at yourself in the dark airy fabric before you meet your own dull blank eyes.

After looking away you turn on your heels, walking up to your desk and opening a drawer.

You stuff something in your pocket and then turn again, unlocking the door and closing it behind you.

With quiet steps you make your way throughout the Sindrian palace, looking around at the usual chaos.

"Where’s Yam? I need her to help me chose my dress!" Pisti complains, throwing her hands in the air and she holds various outfits and runs off to look for the magician.

"Sin! I need you to finish those papers!" Ja'far says, trying to get the king to do his job before the party breaks loose.

//That's right..... I'm the only one who no one needs, I am always a nuisance, but no one.... If I leave no one will be waiting for me...// you think sadly, eyes.glued to the floor.

With the goal of going outside you look up once again, taking hurried steps.

As you head towards the gates your eyes meet Ja'far's for a split second before you both look back to your own business.

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