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Hi there! Here I am! So, I just checked my phone and saw I was tagged! The person who tagged me was Minxbunny! Thanks! And here we go!

1- your nickname~

My nickname is... well I don't really like it XD

2- your eye color~

I have darkish brown eyes, I'm the most common human being

3- your hair color~

I have mocha hair with some lighter parts which are hazelnut color since my hair used to be a combination of hazelnut and reddish color when I was little but got darker with the time

4- One fact about you~

I'm terrible socializing! Meeting people makes me so nervous and crowds scare me a lot so I don't go to parties, people usually think my personality is completely different of how I actually am, and since I am not tall at all and I look like a primary schooler they think I'm all innocent and sweet!

5- favorite color~

I have two! Turquoise and black! Like my soul! XD

6- favorite place~

Home sweet home! No crowds, no children ( I hate all those little bundles of joy! ), there's internet. Home is the best!

7- favorite celebrity~

Weeeeelllllp~ I don't know if it counts but... miku, Rin, Ia, or Gumi
( I luv them all! )

8- favorite animal~

Snakes! They are soooo coooool! And cute!

9- favorite song~

I have 3! Re-education ( by Rin and Len ), izayoi seeing ( by Gumi ) and the transient apple salesgirl ( also by Gumi )

10- favorite book~

I don't read that many books, I rather read wattpad, so I will put my favorite manga I love soul eater! And stains gate and a bunch of others, but soul eater is my favorite manga!

So that was it for this tag! Now I am supposed to tag 20 people.... I don't really know 20 people.... I'm lonely AF :,(

But I will tag people I have read stories from!:





Naye1802 ( I'm also latina! Hi gurl! )

And I'm sorry that's all I can do :,( Im lonely... Anyways! Thanks so much for everything!!! I mean 1k views!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I'm sooo happy! Thank you all guys for reading, voting , commenting and following!!!!
Well that's it for now guys I have to leave now but thanks again!

See ya!!!!

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