💠 Ja'far's birthday party //part 1// 💠

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You run through the halls, looking for a certain someone's room.

It's dead silent in the Sindrian palace, the only noise heard being your footsteps, perhaps it's because it's like 3:30 am and you are the only person awake, not that you care, it was a big day.

You come to a stop in front of the large doors of the room, opening them quietly yet quickly before entering and closing them again.

With swift movements you rush and jump like a mother fluffing ninja, landing on top of the bed and covering the mouth of the sleeping man.

His eyes shoot open in horror, relaxing after he recognizes you in the slight darkness.

“(y/n)? what are you doing in my room at…” he stops, turning to his clock

“AT 3:43 A.M.?!" growls the man.

"Shut up, Sin, there is a big trouble maker troublesome trouble" you say, glaring at the king who sweat drops.

"What is it?" He asks much to your dislike.

"Don't you know what day is it today?"


"Come on Sin-fluffing-bad lady-killer of the seven seas! You know how to travel by your own at age 14 but you don't know what day is it today!?" at this point you, my dear reader-chan, were suffocating your very own king.

"(y/n)... I-I can't b-breathe" he wheezes.

You let go of the poor man who looks back at you in horror.

"Sorry" you say while nervously smiling.

"It's fine, now, tell me, what day is it today?"

You smile "Today is Ja'far's birthday!" you beam happily, Sinbad smiling a bit himself.

"So that was it, you are right, but what's the trouble in that?"

"I-I don't know what to give him..." you admit.

"I see..." the purple haired man thinks for a few minutes until he opens his eyes again.

"I don't really have any suggestions but I do have some advice"

"What is it?" You ask, unsure.

"You just have to choose something you think will make him happy, I mean, you know him, he's your boyfriend"

"Yeah, but you know him since he was 10 years old" you argue while looking down at your hands. Sinbad smiles.

"That doesn't change the fact that you are such an important person for him, (y/n)" he says, petting your head.

"Now! Go! Go and get him something that makes him happy!" he says, lifting his fist in the air.

"Yeaaah!!!" you say while doing the same, you then jump and rush towards the door.

"Thanks for the advice, Sin" you say, looking back at the male with a smile, he returns the smile and waves his hand.

"No problem, by the way! I need you to distract him from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m later!" He says with a huge grin.

"WHAT?!" You ask in horror, turning back at him as if hoping you heard wrong.

"We are planning him the party we talked about and we need time"

"... Okay, I will try... bye, Sin!" you say and exit the room still in a rush.

"Now, where should I go?" you ask yourself and run to the entrance of the palace.

"Wait... where am I going?...."

And there you were, my dear reader-chan, standing in the entrance without any idea of where to head to. You shrug.

"Well I can always just go by the market place" you sweat drop and rush to said place.


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