Chapter 5 Interruption

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Your pov

"Welcome to they Mystery Shack! A place with mythical and horrifying creatures!" Stan says as I lean back on the stool behind the register.
"This is so boring!" I groan as Mabel walks in with a big smile.
"Well it's not going to be in a minute." She says as put my head to the side.
"Why," I ask.
"Grenda and Candy are coming over!" Mabel shouts as she grins widely.
"Didn't they come over just the other night?" Dipper says as Wendy walks up behind him.
"Yeah, I heard you guys screaming over whatever it was. And I don't even leave within a mile of here." Wendy says as I help a tourist.
"I think I still have glitter up my nose." Soos complains and he sweeps the floor. He sneezes and glitter dist the air. "I was right!"
We all laugh, and I finish helping the customer.
"Wendy it's your shift." I say looking at the clock, and getting of the stool.
"Ugh, okay," she says sitting on the stool I was on.
"Hey has anybody seen Bill," I ask.
"Now that you mention it, no. He was suppose to play the werewolf that I was stuck playing again. I swear that I'm going to get hook worm from the costume." Dipper says itching his back.
"Eww! Gross bro bro!" Mabel shouts as Grenada and Candy come in.
"Hey who's ready to party!" Grenda says holding her bag.
"Oh my gosh this girl is! Come on guys lets go upstairs!" Mabel shouts as they all run upstairs, but Mabel stops to look back at me.
"(N/n) you coming?" She ask as I nod my head.
"Just give me a few minutes. I'm going to see if Bill is anywhere." I say as Mabel nods, then runs upstairs.

Bill's pov

"Bill, have you gained the test of the Pines yet?" Yahya says as I look at the mirror he is in.
"Yes, but I'm still working on Ford." I say as I pace the room. 'I already have y/n's trust...maybe more in time.'
"I thought you would have trouble with him...." He sighs and thinks for a moment.
"Don't worry I will think of something." I say as he glares with his eye.
"That's what I'm afraid of. It better not be anything stupid." He says as he looks at me. "Is something wrong Cipher you be distracted. Do I have to get another dream demon to help me?"
"No! No, no I've not distracted!" I sat nervously, I quickly change me thoughts.
"Good, now keep your focus on gaining his trust." He says, as my thought drift back to y/n. He looks at me, and shakes his head. "You have fallen for a mortal?" He says as I stop in place, and freeze up.
"N-no, I assure you t-that I haven't." I say stuttering a little.
"I can read your thoughts Cipher. She seems to be quite a pretty mortal too. Maybe I can use her to motivate you." He says with a evil grin. I quickly shake my head, for no.
"Yahya, you don't need to do that! I promise by the end of next week I will have Stanford's trust!" I say as he looks at me and sticks his hand through the mirror.
"Ok that's a deal. And if you don't I will take y/n, deal?" He says as I sigh. I didn't want to make a deal containing y/n in it but I had no choice then it hit me.
"It's a deal of you promise to leave
y/n alone, got it?" I say as he nod in agreement. We shake hands and our hands burn blue.
"A deals a deal, so don't mess this up Cipher, you have two weeks." He says as he goes, then I hear a knock.
"Bill? Are you in here?" Y/n ask and I open the door.
"Hi," I say as she smiles.
"I'm glad I found you, I thought you left." She says as I laugh a little.
"You can't get rid of me that easily." I joke, as she laughs.
"Y/n! Bill! I need you two to do me a favor." Ford says walking up to us.
"What's is it?" Y/n ask, as Ford hands us a bag full video cameras.
"I want you guys to set up the video cameras all around the woods, okay?" Ford ask us, as we nod in unison.
"Can I ask why?" Y/n ask, as Ford hands us a bag of video cameras.
"There may or may not be a creature that comes out at night, and is highly dangerous." Ford says as I roll my eyes.
"Okay," y/n and I say in unison again.
"Great now you two go and do that. And I might just convince Stan in letting you both have a day off." Ford says as y/n and I grins. We run out into the woods.
"Who were you talking to?" Y/n ask me, as we set up a video camera.
"No one," I say quickly.
"So you talk to yourself?" She ask pausing for a minute.
"Y-yeah...god now j seen like a weirdo, huh?" I say as she laughs a little.
"No, not at all," she says as we walk a little farther. "I actually do that too, once and awhile." She says as I set up a camera.
"Really? I don't feel like such a loser anymore." I say as she giggles.

Your pov

"You aren't a loser," I say quietly.
"I'm not," he says as I try to reach a branch to set up a camera.
"Yeah...." I say tiring to reach the spot. "Your amazing...," I say in a whisper.
"What did you say?" He says as I blush a little.
"N-nothing," I stutter, as I try to reach the spot again only to give up.
"Need help?" He ask as I sigh and nod. He picks me up by the waist and sets me on his shoulders. I blush brightly. "Is that better,"
he ask.
"Y-yeah," I stutter my blush growing brighter. I reach up and set up the camera. "All done," I say as Bill steps back.
"Ah!" I shout and grip his shoulders.
"Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you." I he says as he holds my waist and lifts me off his shoulders setting me in front of him. He keeps his hands on my waist. I blush noticing our faces are only inches apart. I notice he starts to lean in and so do I. We both close our eyes, and my heart beat racing.

"Hurry up y/n! Your going to miss make overs!" Mabel shouts into the woods. I sigh and pull away and pick up the bag with cameras.
"Okay! We are almost done!" I shout and glance at Bill. "We better finish setting up the cameras." I say with my face still red.
"Y-your right," he says.

We got out and set up the rest of the cameras. May I add is a awkward silence, due to what happened earlier. We walk back to the shack, I hold the once full bag. Once we get inside, I go up the stairs and feel like someone has there ears on me. I look back to see Bill looking at me. He blushes and looks away, then goes to the room him and Dipper are staying in tonight, Soos's break room. I sigh and go upstairs to go hang out with Candy, Grenda, and Mabel.


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