Chapter 14 Trust No One.

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Your pov

"Explanation now!" I say as Bill looks up at me worried.
"Okay, but can we explain this back in the Shack?" He ask as I shake my head no.
"No! Explain right here!" I say angrily, placing my hands on my hips.
"Yeah! Tell us why your here," Mabel says.
"And how on Earth you can back!" Dipper adds standing at my side.
"Okay! Okay!" He says standing up and sitting on the bed.

Bill's pov

"When Stanford erased Stan's memory I said an ancient incantation. One that allowed me to come back only if someone or something brought me back using a spell. Another dream demon known as Yayha Cryptic brought me back to life. And know here I am!" I say not wanting to say the whole truth.
"Is that all?" Dipper ask as I nod quickly with a nervous smile.
"Bill your lying," y/n says.
"Yeah," Mabel sats agreeing with
"You better spill the beans Dorito." Wendy says as she punches her palm with her fist.
"Fine, to come back I had to make a deal with Yayha." I say as I look out the floor.
"What was the deal?" Dipper ask as I frown.
"To help him take over Earth..." I say looking up to see scared expressions on everyone's' faces. Except for y/n who looks disappointed, and upset. "He is making me rebuild the portal, between our two dimensions." I say as I hear Mabel gasp. "I-I'm sorry
y/n I s-should have t-told you," I say.
"No of course you shouldn't have." Y/n as as I look at her confused.
"So I did the right thing not telling you?" I asked she sighs annoyed.
"No! You should have told me! I was being sarcastic!" She shouts at me as I look at her a bit a afraid. "Bill we are done..." She says as I look at her speechless.
"Y/n, please give me another chance." I beg her as she shakes her head no.
"Bill I can't, I don't even know if you really loved me. You could have just been using me to get closer to the portal." She says as she looks close to tears.
"Y/n, I never would use you! I could never do that to you. You mean too much to me." I say as I go to hold her hand. She pulls her hand away from my reach and turns my back to her.
"Don't try to touch me." She hisses as she walks out of the room. I sigh as everybody else leaves. I snap my fingers and go back to the cave I was working on the portal in. I sit on a rock and feel something wet on my cheek. I reach a hand up and wipe whatever it was to see it's water. I feel more drops of water spill onto my cheeks as I realize that they're coming from my eyes.
"I'm crying just like one of those meat sacks." I frown as I cry. "Y/n I'm so sorry." I say crying.

~Time skip~

Your pov

I sit on my bed sulking. Tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I wrap myself in the flannel I was wearing smelling Bill's scent. A few tears slip out of my eyes as I think of all the memories I had with him this summer. "I can't believe he did that to me. Pretending to love me. He was just using me." I cry as I take my fed the flannel and toss it across the room crying. A knock is heard at the door. "Who is it?" I ask sniffling.
"Its Mabel! You have somebody who wants to talk to see you." Mabel says as I groan.
"If it's Bill tell him to go away! I don't want to see him ever again," I say.
"It's not that jerk! It's Cole!" Mabel says as I wipe my tears away.
"Okay, he can come in." I say as the door opens, and Cole walks in.
"Hey," he says as he stands in front of me.
"If you want you can sit next to me." I say as he sits next to me.
"Well I'm going to guess Bill has something to do with your mood." He says as I glare at him. He puts up his hands defensively. "Sorry, I didn't mean to hit a touchy subject." He says as I sigh.
"It's okay," I say as I look at the floor.
"If you don't mind me asking what did Bill do," he ask.
"He kept a big part of his life from me." I say sadly as Cole puts an hand on my shoulder.
"I'm sorry," he says.
"It's fine," I say as I look up from the floor. "I just wish he would have told me though." I say as I start to cry again. I feel myself be pulled into a hug.
"It's okay, you don't need that jerk." He says as I cry. I bury my face in his chest as I sob. He rubs my back trying to calm me down.
"I wish I could just forget him. I would be better off without remembering him." I say through tears.
"You really wish that?" He ask me as I nod my head yes. He takes my hand. "I will help you forget about that jerk Bill, okay?" He says as I blink at him oddly. Not knowing whether to trust him.
"Okay." I say as he smiles and we shake hands.
"Then it's a deal." He says as I black out.


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