Chapter 12 My Jelly Bean

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Your pov

"You look so cute n/n!" Grenda shouts pulling me into a hug.
"You really do look like Alice." Candy says as Grenda lets go of me.
"Thanks guys," I say smiling."I love your guy's costumes!" I say as they smile and do a twirl. Candy in her
kit-kat costume. Grenda in her fairy costume.
"If you think she is cute in her costume, you will think her and Bill are adorable when they are next to each other!" Mabel squeals and Candy smiles.
"Ooo! Are their costumes matchies?" Candy ask as I nod.
"Awww! Who is he?" Grenda ask as Bill comes over to us.
"I'm the mad hatter." Bill says putting his arm around my waist.
"You two are so adorable!" Candy, Mabel, and Grenda squeal all in unison. I blush as Bill laughs lightly.
"Hi everybody," Dipper says walking o we with someone behind him.
"Hi Dip," Bill says as Pacifica walks out from behind Dipper.
"Hi," Pacifica says smiling.
"Hi Pacifica! I'm glad that you decided to come with Dipper!" Mabel says giving a hug to Pacifica. Pacifica awkwardly hugs back. Then pulls back flattening put the wrinkles in her cute black cat costume.
"I am too," she says as she looks at me.
"Who are you Alice?" She says teasing me due to my costume.
"Im y/n," I say as she nods and glances at Bill.
"And who is the Mad Hatter?" She ask as I laugh a little.
"He is my boyfriend Bill." I say holding his hand he squeezes my hand back.
"It's a pleasure to meet you both." She says and Stan walks over to us in his terminator costume.
"Hey! Your either going in to the haunted house or you are walking away. And admission in five bucks a person." Stan says holding out his hand.
"Stanley five bucks is a bit much just for a entrance fee." Ford says coming to stand next to Stan in a warlock costume.
"Fine, four fifty is that better?" Stan ask as Ford frowns.
"They are family," Ford says.
"Okay Dipper and Mabel get in for  three bucks. While the rest get in get in for four fifty." Stan says as Ford sighs.
"Is that as low as you will go?" For ask as Stan nods his head yes.
"I'll pay for them." Ford says hand Ford the money.
"Thank you Grunckle Ford!" Dipper and Mabel shout in unison.
"Thanks Ford!" The rest of us say as we head into the haunted house.
"Princess, if you get scared you can hold my hand." Bill says kissing my cheek as we walk down a dark hallway.
"Thanks Billy-bear," I whisper to him.

~Time skip due to you getting scared, sorry if you don't scare easily just use you imagination~

"That was so much fun!" Grenda shouts as we walk out of the exit of the haunted house, into a party.
"I know right," Candy says happily.
"Let's go again," Mabel shouts. As they run back to go through the haunted house again.
"Why would they want to do that again?" You ask still shivering from the last scare you saw.
"Because, they don't scare easily like you princess. But don't get me wrong I loved getting to carry around." Bill says as I realize I'm still being carried by him. I blush as he sets me down.
"So Pacifica how did you like it?" I ask as she shows a small smile.
"It was okay, compared to the haunted houses I've been in before. Which were much scarier that this one." She says a bit arrogantly. I just roll my eyes and sigh.
"Hey I'm going to get some punch, does any body want some?" Bill ask as we all nod our heads yes. "Okay I will be back in a little bit." Bill says giving me a quick kiss and walking off to get punch.
"So y/n where are you from," Pacifica ask.
"I'm from Piedmont, California," I say.
"Oh, so your from the same town as Dipper and Mabel." Pacifica says as I nod, my head yes. "So you must know so many embarrassing stories about Dipper!"
"N-No she doesn't!" Dipper exclaims as Bill comes back.
"What's with the stuttering Dip?" Bill says handing out the punch.
"How I have no embarrassing stories about him. And thanks Billy-bear." I say taking the punch and kissing his cheek.
"Your welcome princess." Bill says as I hear someone shout my name. I turn to see Cole dressed up as the Knave of Hearts.
"Hi Cole." I say as he gets over to us.
"Hi y/n," he says standing next to me.

Bill's pov

"Umm, can you introduce us to your friend princess?" I say as y/n nod smiling.
"Guys this is Cole York. Cole this is Dipper," she says gesturing towards Dipper. "That's Dippers girlfriend Pacifica," she says grinning, gesturing towards Pacifica. Dipper and Pacifica blush brightly. "And this is Bill, my boyfriend." She says holding my free hand.
"It's nice to meet all of you." He says with a bright smile.
"N/n! Did you see that cute friend of your's!" Mabel shouts running out of the haunted house with Candy and Grenda. They stop when they get to us and see Cole.
"Hi I don't believe we've met in Cole York." He says with a charming smile. He puts his hand out and Mabel shakes it.
"I'm Mabel and these are my besties Candy and Grenda." Mabel exclaims as he shakes their hands.
"It's a pleasure to meet you ladies," he says.
"Believe me the pleasure is all ours'." Mabel says as her, Candy, and Grenda blush. He chuckles and turns towards y/n.
"Bill, may I have a dance with y/n," Cole ask.
"Well, you can-" I start only to be cut off by him.
"Really? Thanks! I promise not to get her keep her away too long!" Cole says pulling y/n to the dance floor. I growl quietly as Dipper looks at me.
"Are you okay Bill?" He ask as I cross my arms.
"I'm fine," I say through gritted teeth.
"Ooo! It sounds like someone's totally jelly." Pacifica says with a smirk.
"I am not!" I shout a little loudly.
"He totally is." Mabel says as Candy and Grenda nod in agreement.
"I'm not jealous, I just don't want him dancing with my princess." I mumble as Dipper chuckles and the girls giggle.
"Bill it's okay to be jealous." Dipper says as I sigh.
"Right now I'm  jealous that y/n gets to dance with such a hottie." Pacifica says as Dipper looks hurt. "Oh but don't worry Dippy I still think your the hottest." She says giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"Thanks," Dipper says blushing. I look over and see y/n laugh a little as he talks.
"He is probably flirting with her." I say getting angry.
"He most definitely is." Candy says as Mavel whacks her lightly. "Oh! I mean he probably isn't...," Candy says.
"Ugh! I wish that I was there dancing with her," I mumble.
"Bill, just go over and demand to dance with her." Grenda says as u sigh.
"Go on, she is your girlfriend." Mabel says as I nod and walk over to y/n.
"Hey, mind if I cut in?" I ask as y/n looks at me and smiles.
"Not at all." Cole says letting go of y/n. "I have to say you are one lucky guy to have such a beautiful girl to call your's. You better watch out or someone might just steal her away from you." He says as his eyes flash bright green. 'Yahya...why is he here? Is he here because I haven't finished making the dimension portal? Or is he here to take y/n..... Whatever the reason is I can't let him anywhere near y/n.' I furrow eyebrows together and glare at him.
"Don't worry she isn't leaving my side anytime soon." I say angrily as I take
y/n's hand.
"Well, bye y/n," Yahya says kissing
y/n's hand then going off somewhere.
"Someone is jealous." Y/n says giggling as I roll my eyes and fake a smile.
"I am not, I just don't like it when other guys talk to you. Unless I know them well enough." I say as she giggles.
"My little jelly bean." She says as I laugh a little.
"Ha ha so funny. Now let's dance princess." I say as she smiles and nods.
"Lead the way jelly bean." She says as we start to dance.
"You're not going to let me live that down are you?" I ask as she nods her head laughing.
"Never ever ever, jelly bean." She says giggling as I crack a small smile.


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