Chapter 1 Hello Gravity Falls

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Your pov
"N/n! (Nickname) Wake up," I hear someone shout in my ear.
"Five more minutes," I groan as I cover my head with my pillow. Then I hear my bedroom door open and footsteps walking out. I sigh peacefully and return to my slumber. Then ice cold water is dumped on me. "Ah!"
"Good morning," Mabel shouts holding a bucket.
"Why did you dump ice water on me," I shout at her as I get out of my bed. Grab some dry clothes and walk into my bathroom.
"You wouldn't get up so I had to get you up," Mabel says.
"Wait how did you get into my house," I ask as I remember my parents are gone on a business trip. So no one could have let her in.
"Grabbling hook," she shouts holding her grabbing hook triumphantly.
"Just clean up the glass," I say as I close the door to take my shower.
I walk out in ripped jean shorts. With a purple tank top. With my black high top converse. Then I go down stairs to find my bags piled next to the front door.
"Ready to go," Mabel shouts as she pops out from behind me making me scream. "Sorry, but are you ready?"
"Ready to go to the town that was once run by a Dorito," I pause for emphasis. "Of course!"
"Yeah," Mable and I shout as we run out carrying my bags.
"Hi y/n," Dipper shouts at me. As me and Mabel come into his view. I see Waddles standing next to him. We walk up to him and I look over at the bus.
"Hi Dipping Sauce," I say as he rolls his eyes.
"Hi Dippy Fresh," Mabel says as Dipper's face turns red.
"Don't call me that. I'm not Dippy Fresh," Dipper wails as the bus doors open.
"No can do Bro Bro," Mabel says with a wicked laugh. As she runs into the bus with her bags.  And Waddles trailing behind her.
"Mabel! Get back here," he says running onto the bus with his bags after Mabel.
"This is going to be the longest 10 hours of my ride," I say as I step onto the bus with my luggage.

The while bus consist of laughter, telling, arguing, and of course naps.  Mabel and I took selfies with Waddles. And drew all over Dipper's face with a sharpie, while he slept. When we were about 5 hours away from Gravity Falls. The Twins tell me their tale of their amazing summer they had last year. From they're first encounter with Grunkle Stan to the defeat of Bill Cipher, a power hungry dream demon fro another dimension. Then we pull into the bus stop of the small town of Gravity Falls. We all get off the bus carrying out stuff to be greeted by none other than Dipper's and Mabel's friends. As they say hi to them I stand awkwardly to the side.
"Candy and Grenda I would like you meet my California Bestie n/n," she says as two girls walk up with Mabel.
"Hello I'm Candy," a short Asian girl with glasses said with a out stretched hand, that I shook.
"And I'm Grenda," a taller girl with a deep voice says to me as she takes my hand from Candy's grip.
"It's nice to meet both of you. Mabel has told me so much about you guys," I say as Dipper walks over with a few other people.
"This is Y/n," Dipper says as a tall, skinny, pale, red head walks up to me.
"I'm Wendy," she says.
"So your Wendy the coolest person Dipping Sauce here has ever met," I say shaking her hand.
"If that's what he says," she says as a red beat up station wagon comes up the road nearly hitting all of us. To older men come out followed by a man in a question mark t-shirt.
"Grunkle Stan! Great uncle Ford," The Twins shouted as the ram into the arms of the older men, who I assume are the famous Grunkle Stan and Ford.
"Dipper and Mabel! I missed you two knuckleheads," The one in a fez says.
"I can't wait to show you all the amazing things me and Stan did while we were monster hunting in the Arctic Ocean," The other one says as I figure out who is who.
"Hey meet our friend y/n. She feud to stay with us this summer," Dipper says.
"Isn't that amazing," Mabel squeals.
"Another kid to have work at The Shack. And not pay! Yes," The Fez man shouts. As Waddles runs over and hops on him. "Get off me Waddles!"
"Look Grunkle Stan Waddles missed you," Mabel says as she take out her camera and takes a picture.
"Scrapbookatunity," she yells as Waddles get off and stands next to Mabel.
"Well nice to met you kid, I'm Stan Pines," he says as he then walks and head locks the other older man. "And this is my nerdy brother Ford," he says as he gives Ford a nugie.
"Stanly, quit it," Ford says as Stan chuckles letting go of Ford. "Hello I'm Ford," he says stretching out a six fingered hand.
"Hello, Dipper told me a lot about your journals and adventures," I say as Ford chuckles.
"Well there are more takes to be told now that Stan and I have came back," he says as the question mark dude walks up.
"Y/n this is Soos," Dipper says.
"Hey dawg," Soos says.
"Hi," I say.
"He used to run The Mystery Shack when my Grunkels were gone. But know he is the second in command. Because they came back," Dipper explains. I turned around I notice a flash of blue light appear but disappear within seconds.
"Dipper, are did you see that," I ask him.
"See what," he ask.
"Oh never mind," I say. But then I think. 'It must have be my imagination. Or it was one of those Willo-of-the-wisp things. Dipper told me about. Yeah that's what it was.' The only thing stopping me from believing myself is that I saw a what looked like a hand.

~ Bill's pov
I groan as I sit up looking around to see I'm in a large green room.
"I hate this color," I say. As I realize something. "I'm back," I shout as I fly up into the air and use my powers to turn the room yellow.
"I prefer that you don't mess with my style," a voice says as the room returns to its green color. I look around with my eye to see if I can point out the origin of the voice. I look at a couch to find a green square sitting there drinking tea.
"You do know green is the color of sickness," I say as I float over to him.
"Yes, and your point is," he say. As he hands me a cup.
"That you must be a sick person," I say.
"And your a lunatic. Happy that we established what we are now," says the square. As I ask the question that is eating at my brain.
"Why did you bring me back," I ask him.
"Because you are Bill Cipher. One of the most powerful dream demons. And I need someone like you to help me," he says.
"Why do you need help," I ask him.
"I want to take control over the dimension. That has Earth in it," he says as I laugh.
"How original! Never heard that one before," I laugh as I spill my tea.
"Fine if that doesn't grab your attention then I know what will. I have a deal for you Bill Cipher," he says as I stop laughing and look at him. Then shape shift into a war.
"I'm all ears," I chuckle.
"If you help me take over this dimension. Then I will return your immortality," he says.
"First what's your name," I ask him.
"I'm Yahya Cryptic the most powerful dream demon ever in existents," he says.
"Well Yahya I say we have a deal," I say as I stretch my hand out to his and shake it. Then I black out.
I wake up in a forest, surrounded by leaves. I slowly get up and look around, and notice my vision is somewhat different. "Wait do I have?" I put a hand in font of one side of my face, to find I have two eyes. "No! I can't be," I look down at me to find I'm human. I frantically try to turn back into my dream demon form but nothing works. But then I hear a voice in the back of my head. '
You must stay human to spy on everyone and everything. You want to fit in and earn someone's trust.' I cry out of anger.
"I hate being human," I shout as my hands fill with blue flame. "What my powers aren't gone," I quickly snap myself away. Only to sense as of someone saw me

Hey here is the preview/ first chapter of A Deal For Life. I hope you like it! I want to thank @awesome262338. She helped me with the plot of the story. Well this is Tadashi922 over and out.

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