Chapter 10 Cole York

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Your pov

I yawn and slowly open my eyes, and look at Bill. He is still sleeping, with his arms wrapped around my waist. I giggle and kiss his cheek. I slip out of his grasp and put a pillow in my place. I notice that nobody else is up. I smile and grab some clothes and head out to take a shower.
Starting the shower I lock the bathroom door. Then brush my teeth, and hop into the shower. I finish and walk out of the bathroom dressed and walk back into the bedroom to see Mabel dash past me.

"I'm getting into the shower!" She shouts running down the hall.
"No you aren't, I am!" Dipper shouts running after her.
"I'm glad I took my shower earlier." Bill says from behind me.
"But you were sleeping when I woke up," I say.
"I was, I got up an hour earlier than you." Bill says as he yawns a little.
"Clever boy," I say as he grins.
"Thank you," he says as he grabs some clothes.
"Your welcome," I say as I walk over to the mirror. I start to do my hair as Bill comes up from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Princess you should leave your hair down. You look gorgeous when  it's down." He says resting his chin in my shoulder.
"You think so?" I ask as he kisses my cheek.
"Yes I do, so leave it down princess." He says as I giggle and nod in agreement.
"Billy-bear, you should get dressed, Stan is going to tell at us if we're aren't downstairs in a minute.
"But princess I don't want to work today," he pouts.
"I'm sorry Billy-bear but you have to." I say baby talking him. I give him a kiss, and run downstairs.

~Time skip, due to Waddles being to darn cute!!!!!!!!!!~

"Thank you for coming to the Mystery Shack, hope you come back soon." I say cheerfully as a customer leaves.
"I hate working!" Dipper whines as he sweeps the floor.
"Aww come on bro bro it isn't that bad." Mabel says making some Stan bobble heads.
"Mabel its only fun for you because you got the easy job. While I'm stuck being wolf boy." Bill whines walking over to us. I look over at him and blush seeing his costume, is shirtless.
"You look fine Bill. You don't know how many girls have been goo-goo eyeing you." Mabel says as I get a little angry.
"Really," Bill ask as Mabel nods.
"You seem to be getting all the girls in here today. I would say
Dippy-fresh is jealous but he doesn't bring in any girls to begin with." Mabel says as I laugh, and high-five her.
"Hey! I can get girls!" Dipper says as I smirk slightly.
"Oh you mean like Pacifica?" I say as Dipper's cheek turn red.
"I-I don't k-know what y-you're talking a-about," Dipper stutters out.
"Oh really?" Mabel says placing her hands on her hip.
"Y-yeah," Dipper says sweeping again.
"Who is Pacifica?" Bill ask itching his back.
"Her family used to be the richest people in town. But soon lost almost all their money," Mabel says.
"Is she your friend," Bill ask.
"Kinda, her parents hate us commoners, so she kinda hates us. But she tolerates us," Mabel says.
"But Dipping sauce has a crush on her." I say as Dipper blushes brightly.
"N-No I don't," Dipper says quickly.
"He so does," Mabel says as Bill laughs a little.
"Dipper love is nothing to be afraid of admitting." I say as Bill looks at me and grins.
"It isn't Dip, just look where it's got me." Bill says as he walks over to me and places an arm around my waist. Dipper sighs and nods in defeat.
"Awwww! Dipper has a crush!" Mabel and I squeal as Dipper blushes even more.
"Blondie! Get back to your spot! Mabel go and take care of Waddles he is eating everything. And Dipper go outside and help Soos." Stan says walk up to us. "And girly you keep working the cash register." Stan says as everyone goes to do there task. I sigh, feeling bored now. I look up to see a guy I have never seen before in front of me. He has evergreen eyes, and green hair.
"Welcome to the Mystery Shack how can I help you?" I say with a bright smile.
"You could tell me when you get off, so I know when to pick you up for our date." He says fixing his hair, I blush at him comment.
"I'm sorry, but I already have a boyfriend." I says as he frowns slightly, then smiles.
"He must be one lucky guy to have gotten such a beautiful girl to be his." The green haired guys says making me blush a little more.
"He is," I say smiling.
"Anyways I'm Cole York." Cole says putting his hand out.
"I'm Y/n l/n." I say taking his hand and shaking it. We stop shaking hands as he smiles brightly.
"It's was a pleasure meeting you beautiful. I hope we see each other again soon." He says kissing my hand then goes out of the Shack.
I sit there blushing lightly then shake it off. As I look at Bill pretending to be wolf-boy. I giggle at his cuteness, as he howls loudly.
"Who was that hottie?" Mabel ask walking over with Waddles.
"Oh just a customer," I say.
"Just a customer? He kissed your hand and asked you out." Mabel says as I whack her playfully.
"Oh shut it. If Bill found out a guy even talked to me without his permission, he would rip put the person's tongue." I say as Mabel laughs.
"And if he knew the guy kisses your hand he would kill him on the spot," Mabel says.
"So don't tell him, got it. I don't want anyone loosing a tongue or life." I say as Mabel nods.
"Plus since he is single I can try for him. He was so hot!" Mabel says as we both giggle.


Me: Hi guys!
Dipper: Hi
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Dipper: It took her forever in my opinion.
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Dipper: *rolls eyes* If you say so.
Me: *sighs* Well tell me what you thought and tell me what you thought of Cole York! Dipper if you could do the honors.
Dipper: Bye till the next update!

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