Chapter 16 W-What?

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Your pov

"Y/n what are your thoughts on world 'invasion'," Cole ask.
"What?" I ask rather confused, as we walk through the forest.
"I asked you what are your thoughts on world 'invasion'?" He ask again as we both stop.
"Well, it's okay if it's for the right reason." I say as he smiles a bit.
"Well what if it's because a world that has been trapped in the other side of this world wants to come and live here?" He ask as I get more confused than before.
"I don't know, I suppose as long a the other world want to be friends with this world." I say as he grins and kisses my cheek, and holding my hands
"Y/n, I have something to show you." He whispers into my ear. I blush as he slowly let's go of my hands. He walks backwards till he is a few feet in front of me. He smirks and snaps his fingers, and in a flash a green square appears in Cole's place. The square floated there with a bowler hat on and a tie. "Well what do you think love?"
"Wh-What?! W-Where is Cole," I ask. I start to slowly step backwards.
"Y/n it is me, I am Cole." The shape says snapping his fingers. Within seconds the square is replaced by Cole.
"W-What's going o-on? W-What are y-you?" I say starting to freak out.
"Calm down y/n." He says putting his hands on my shoulders. "I'm a dream demon."
"Aren't demons bad," I say still freaked.
"Most are but I'm a good demon, so are all on my friends." He says looking straight into my eyes. "I promise y/n," he says. I stand there clearing my mind, I take a deep breath and sigh.
"I believe you." I say as he grins widely. He snaps his fingers and poofs into a dark green suit and tie, with a bowler hat. He snaps his fingers again I see smoke poof around you. I look to see me in a gorgeous emerald green dress.
"What do you think love," he ask. "It's beautiful," I say twirling in it.
"Not as beautiful as you," he says kissing your hand.
"Y/N!" I hear a familiar voice shout. I turn around to see a blonde boy and some on the Pines running towards me. "STOP!" The blonde shouts as they come up to us.
"Who are you?" I ask as the blonde looks hurt.
"That is not important right now. But what is important is that you need to come with us now." The blonde says worried.
"Guys what's going on? Why is Thais stranger telling me to go with you guys?" I ask as the blonde seems to look even more hurt.
"N/n he is a dream demon!" Mabel shouts pointing to Cole.
"I know," I say.
"Good! Then you must know he is evil," Dipper says.
"Evil? No Cole is good," I say.
"No he isn't! His name isn't even Cole it's Yahya Cryptic," the blonde shouts.
"And he wants to take over our world and destroy it to make his own world!" Ford shouts as I turn to look at a shocked Cole.
"C-Cole is t-this true?" I ask him as he looks back at me and then the others.
"Yes, and you shall become my queen. And we shall rule this world together. Please y/n I can promise you riches." He says as I look at him a bit frighten.
" Cole I like my world. I can't stand aside and watch you destroy it." I say as he frowns.
"Then I have no other choice then to force you to be my queen." He say through gritted teeth. He grabs my wrist tightly. "Bill Cipher if you ever want to see y/n again I suggest you don't defy me and finish the portal. Or else you'll never see her again." Cole says as the memory of Bill and I kissing of the first time crosses my mind. I feel my eyes swell with tears as I remember Bill.
"Bill! I love you!" I shout as Cole snaps his fingers making us disappear.

Bill's pov

"Bill! I love you!" Y/n shouts as she and Cole disappear into thin air.
"Y/N," I shout as I land in my knees in front of where she just was.
"Y/n...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry y/n...I failed you..." I say as I hunch over and start to cry.
"Bill don't say that." Mabel says patting my shoulder and getting down to my level.
"Yeah Bill you did everything you could. It not your's or her's fault. It's Cole's fault for blocking her memory. It's not like you could have done anything." Dipper says as I crack a weak smile.
"Yeah, just wait till next time you see Cole. I bet you'll knock him into the next dimension," Mabel says.
"Thanks for the encouragement Pinetree and Shooting star. But it's not going to help me get y/n away from that freak." I say cracking a weak smile.
"Bill, if I've learned about you. It's that you don't give up." Ford says as I look up at him. "So I don't want you too give you up yet. We still can save y/n." Ford says smiling and offering me a hand. Take his hand as he pulls me up.
"Your right Ford. I'm not going to give up. I have to save y/n and take down that jerk." I say as Mabel claps. "Now we better get back to the cave where I'm rebuilding the portal, before Cole gets to it!" I shout as a the ground around us shakes.
"An earthquake?!" Dipper shouts as him and Mabel hold onto each other.
"Cole must have just activated the dimension portal!" Ford shouts as a tree falls in front of us.
"It's just like when Bill tried taking over our world!" Mabel shouts as I glare at her. "Sorry, it's true!" She says as I sigh.
"Guys we have to find him, before the nightmare world crosses over!" Dipper shouts as I nod. I grip Ford and Dippers wrist, and Mabel grabs Dipper's hand. "Hold on!" I shout as I teleport all of us to the cave. Ford runs to the portal trying to rip pieces off.
"Guys help me!" He shouts as we all try to rip pieces off of the machine. I get an idea and walk backwards.
"Everybody stand back!" I shout over the rumble of the machine. The Pines look at me as I begin to create a giant fireball in my hands. They quickly move behind me. I shoot the fireball at the machine. It bounces off the machine as it hits a shield. "Dang it! That stupid square knew we'd try something like this!" I duck as the fireball shoot right over my head and into the stone wall of the cave.
"Bill! We need to regroup!" Ford shouts as I start trying to break the portal again.
"No! If we break this then we stop him for good!" I shout trying to pry off a metal panel.
"Bill! We have to go! Those other demons will be coming through the portal any minute!" Dipper shouts as Mabel pulls me off the machine.
"I can take them," I scream.
"No you can't! Now take us back to the shack to regroup!" Ford says as I shake my head.
"No! I need to stop them...I know I can! I can do it for y/n!" I shout as Mabel turns me to face her.
"Bill, y/n is strong she will be fine on her own till we can save her. But we can't do that right now! Just look at yourself." Mabel says as I look at myself. My hands are a bloody mess, and my shirt has rips where blood seems to be pouring. I sigh in defeat.
"Fine. But once we have a plan we are going at that square to save
y/n. Got it!" I say as they all nod. Mabel holds my wrist and grabs both Ford's and Dipper's hands. As I teleport us to the shack.

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