Chapter 17 A prophecy

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Your pov

I slowly blink open my eyes as sit up. I look to see I'm on a bed. I look around the room to see its a big bedroom with everything colored in different shades of green. The door opens and in walks Cole.
"Hello my queen." He says sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. I scooting a away from him.
"W-Where am I...." I ask him.
"In our castle." He says adjusting himself so he is sitting next to me. Then he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me so I'm leaning against him.
"Our castle," I ask confused.
"Yes, you see you are going to be my queen, and I your king." He says kissing my cheek.
"I don't want to be your queen." I say pulling myself away from him. I jump out of the bed and run out the door only to be jerked back by something around my ankle. I fall on my bottom and look at my ankle to find a black shackle on it. I follow the chain attached to the shackle too find Cole holding the end. He smirks, and jerks the chain so I'm next to him again.
"Not so fast my queen you are staying here where I can keep an eye on you." He says nuzzling me. I try the move away but he just holds on to me tighter.
"Get off of me you stupid demon." I say kicking my legs.
"I'm a stupid demon?" He says laughing a bit. "I'm not the one who broke your heart." He says as I frown sadly.
"Bill may have hurt me, but he loves me," I say.
"And I don't," he ask.
"No you love me only because Bill does," I say. He frowns and stands up slowly.
"You may be right but you are still going to be mine, forever." Cole says turned away from me.
"I'll never be that," I shout.
"Yes you will. Before you say something smart like, 'I'd rather die than be with you forever!' I'm going to change that, so you can't die." He says grinning wickedly.
"How," I ask.
"Like this." He says snapping his fingers. I automatically scream in pain. I feel like 1,000 volts of electricity is running through my veins.
"What are you-ah!" I shout as I feel my veins burn.
"Doing," he says finishing my sentence. "What I am doing is making you like me. So we can be together forever." He says as I grit my teeth together. "The process my be painful but it's worth it." He says as I start to cry. Everything in my body is screaming in agony. "I'll be going now. And the change should take to much longer so I'll be back in a bit!" He leaves closing the door behind him.
"I hate you!" I shout as I as I scream in pain.

Bill's pov

"This sounds like what you guys did to defeat me." I sigh juggling some fire balls.
"It does," Mabel says as Dipper groans. He pulls his on his hair and rest his head on the white board he was using.
"It's okay Dipper," Ford says. He puts a hand on Dipper's shoulder. Dipper nods and takes a seat next to Mabel.
"Anyone else have any bright ideas?" I ask as Mabel raises her hand. "Yes Mabel?"
"Why don't you go to Cole begging him for forgiveness. Then promise you will never betray him again, and turn us in to prove that. Then you can go around and look for y/n. Find her and then come free us. Then we can all go and defeat him together!" Mabel says as I think.
"That could work." I say as Ford nods.
"It could we just need to figure out a way to defeat him." Ford says as Dipper nods.
"I could use a's one I haven't used in centuries, but I'm sure it will work." I say as Dipper looks at me.
"What does the spell do," Dipper ask.
"The spell drains the power of who you cast it on." I say as the lab burst opens.
"Why is there a giant square floating in the sky!" Stan shouts coming down the stairs.
"A demon is trying to take over the world Stanley," Ford says.
"Can't we go through one summer with out being invaded," Stan says annoyed.
"Sorry Stan," I say frowning. He looks at me confused.
"Are you being sarcastic?" Stan ask as Mabel shakes her head no.
"He is sorry," she says.
"Why? It's not his fault," he says.
"It kinda is since he helped the demon," Dipper says.
"Did he make a deal with the demon," Stan ask.
"He did make a deal with a demon to come back to life." Dipper says as Stan looks at me.
"You're that freaky triangle guy! Guys, we need to destroy him!" Stan says picking up a metal pipe that was lying on the ground. Mabel stands in front of me.
"Grunkle Stan! Bill isn't the same crazy, power hungry, evil, and destructive person you knew last summer! He has changed." Mabel says as Stan pauses.
"Ford did he brainwash Mabel?" Stan ask as Ford shakes his head.
"No, she is telling the truth he has changed." Ford says as I nod agreeing with Ford.
"Don't tell it's because he found love." Stan says lowering the metal pipe in his hand.
"Grunkle Stan! Love can change a person," Mabel says.
"Okay fine, I believe you. But why isn't he up until the castle with the other demon," Stan ask.
"I refused to do what he asked me to do," I say.
"Okay, wait....where is y/n." Stan ask as I look at the ground. Mabel pats my back, then gives me a hug.
"The demon took her," Dipper says.
"What," Stan ask.
"The demon Yahya took her. So Bill wouldn't try to rebel against him." Dipper says as I glare at my shoes.
"Well how are we going to get her back," Stan asks.
"Well here us our plan." Ford says as he explains the plan.
"Well it seems like it will work. But to defeat him won't we need to do that zodiac sign thingy again?" Stan ask as I look up.
"It won't work he is too power full. But there is a prophecy," I say.
"And what is it," Dipper ask.
"A dream goddess she is told to be the most powerful being in the would know universe over all dimensions. She is told to protect her world if anything came to threaten it." I say as they all turn to me.
"Do you know her?" Mabel asks as I sigh and shake my head no.
"Unfortunately no, I've never even seen a glimpse of her," I say sadly.
"Well then I guess we will have to take him down the hard way." Ford says as I sigh.
"Want Dipper and I to get everyone." Mabel ask as Ford nods his head.
"We are going to need all the help we can get to follow through with our plan." Ford says as I sigh.

~Time skip~

I tip toed down the stairs, not wanting to wake anyone up. I open the door and leave the Shack then look up and the swirly red, purple, and white dotted sky. I look to the left and see a giant square floating in the air. I sigh and start floating towards the square. I look back at the Shack and shake my head, and keep flying towards the square.
"I can't risk anyone else. Loosing y/n was was the worst thing ever. I can't do that to them they are her friends, they are like her family." I stop in mid air and stare at the ground. "I have to save her. And j have to do it in my own."

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