Chapter 13 Dream Hipster

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Bill's pov

"Who does he think he is? Trying to steal my princess from me." I grumble as I work on the stupid dimension  portal. "He only sees her as a prize to win. I'll show him, next time I see him I will rip him to shreds."
"My feelings are mutual." Zahya says as I turn and look at him.
"What do you want?" I growl as he grins evilly.
"Other than your girlfriend nothing really. Except I want you to finish that portal. And why did you have to build it in a cave?" He ask as he sits on a rock.
"So Stanford wouldn't know someone is rebuilding it." I say as I plug in some wires.
"Okay that's smart. But what if that pretty girl of your's wakes up and you're gone?" He ask as my hands turn into fist.
"Umm...I haven't thought of that actually." I say as I think quietly.
"I could always be there if you wakes up you know to cover for you." He says smirking, blue flames appear in my hand. I swing the ball of blue flames at him. He just catches it and tosses it between his hands.
"Bill, why would you try to do such a thing?" He ask as he tosses to fire ball at the cave wall.
"You aren't getting anywhere near y/n again." I say through gritted teeth.
"Oh how silly you are Bill. I can do whatever I want, as long as I hold most of your power," he says angrily. I frown and start to think. 'He has a point. I am powerless against him as long as he has the rest of my powers. I can't do anything I feel so worthless'
"You are worthless Bill." He says as I glare at him.
"Don't read my mind," I say angrily.
"As I said I can do what I want when I want," he says.
"I hate you." I say with my fist hanging at my sides.
"I hate you too, Cipher." He says as he poofs away.

~Time skip~

Your pov

I feel two arms pull me close and I smile. I snuggle into the figure knowing its Bill. A kiss is placed on my forehead as I open my eyes and see Bill looking at me. I smile and kiss him. He smiles into the kiss and sets his hands on my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck. He pulls back and rest his forehead against mine.
"I think that is how we should say good morning every morning." He says as I blush brightly.
"Me too," I say blushing.
"Come on lovebirds! We are going to go monster hunting!" Mabel shouts at us.
"Can't you give us just five more minutes." I whine as Bill chuckles.
"Is it because of sleep or me?" Bill says as I giggle.
"It's because of both." I say as I sit up and stretch.
"Come on guys get ready! We have to go monster hunting!" Dipper shouts from down the stairs.
"We are coming!" We all shout in unison.
"Welp I'll let you two get ready!" Mabel says running out of the room.
"I'll go and get dressed in the bathroom." Bill says as he gets up and grabs his clothes. He gives me a quick kiss and goes.

I smile and go and get up. I walk over to the dresser Mabel and I share, then pull out an outfit. I slip out of pjs and put on a white tank top. Slip on some skinny jeans, and steal Bill's black flannel. Then put on some black knee high lace up boots. I walk out and go downstairs, to meet up with everyone.

"So is everybody ready?" Dipper ask as we all nod.
"Hey! That's my flannel." Bill says walking up to me.
"Yep, and I may I add that I look so much better in it than you," I say.
"I can't argue with you on that, you do look fantastic in it." Bill says making me blush a little.
"Thanks," I say as Wendy walks in.
"You guys ready?" She ask as Dipper nods.
"Okay everybody hop into the truck." Wendy says as we walk outside and into her truck.
"If we are monster hunting why are we taking the car?" Bill as as Wendy starts to drive.
"The monster was last seen and heard of at Wendy's house." Dipper says as he hands me the journal. It's open to a page title category 9. I look and  see a guy wearing a fedora with an eye patch. I see the name of the guy.
"A Dream Hipster?" I say as Bill looks and laughs.
"He looks pathetic," Bill says.
"Well Grunkle Ford said they can be pretty dangerous. But they just torture you with your fears, and stupid puns." Dipper says as Mabel and I laugh.
"We are here." Wendy says stopping the car. We all get out and go inside to Wendy's room.
"Okay y/n, lay on the bed." Dipper orders as he reads the journal.
"Okay?" I say confused, and lay down.
"Now this is the nice part." Dipper says with his nose buried in the book.
"You get to take a nap!" Mabel says as I sighs and closes my eyes. Within minutes I'm asleep.

I land in a forest, the only light I have is the moon. I walk through the woods following a path till I come upon a cabin.
"Hello? Anybody here?" I say slowly walking inside the cabin. I cautiously walk in that here the door slam shut. I turn to see no one is there. I then hear a whimper and walk in the direction of it. I walk into a room with a little girl in it. "Hey there, are you okay?" I ask as the little girl looks at me.
"N-no," she says wiping away tears.
"Why," I ask as I sit next to her.
"M-my mom s-she...she l-left me and my d-dad." She says as I notice something about the little girl. 'She's me...this is the memory I hate so much that means...'
"Y/n!" My Dad shouts barging into the room. The smell of beer emanating off of him.
"Y-yes?" Little me says to him.
"Your the reason she left us!" Dad shouts at mini me.
"N-no I'm not!" Mini me cries as Dad comes over and raises an hand to hit mini me.
"Shut up! Your a child you don't know anything!" Dad says as I try to hit him only to go right through him. I look worried as little me is hit across the face. She cries out in pain as I feel the pain. A few tries fall from my eyes as my dad put his hands around little me's throat. I grasp my throat as I feel myself being choked. I gasp for air try to remove the non-existent hands from my throat. As my dad grips mini me's throat tighter.

Bill's pov

I look worried as I see y/n scratching at her neck. "Guys! She is choking!"
"We know! I'm trying to figure out how to wake her!" Dipper says flipping through the pages of the journal.
"Here! Ice water should do it!" Mabel says dumping a bucket of ice water on y/n. Y/n just keeps scratching at her neck.
"I'm going shake her awake!" Wendy shouts as she going over and starts shaking y/n. Wendy sets y/n down and all y/n grasping her neck trying to breath.
"That's it I'm going in!" I shout as use my powers and zap myself into her mind. "Y/n!" I shout seeing I'm inside a house. I hear rustling and follow it to a room with a man choking a little girl. I look to my right and see y/n begins choked by the Dream Hipster. "Hey! Get your hands off of her!" I shout as the ghost looks at me still choking y/n.
"Why? Your just a human, you can't do anything." The hipster says as I grin wickedly.
"You really don't know who I am, do you?" I say as my eyes glow yellow. My hand fills with blue flames. The hipster looks at me frighten as he disappears into thin air. I rush over and pick up y/n. Zapping us both out of her dream. Everyone look at me frighten as I hold the unconscious y/n.
"Bill..." Dipper says with fists at his side.
"Hey Pine-tree, Shooting-star." I say nervously as y/n starts to wake up.
"Guys what happened?" She ask as she sits up.
"You were choking and the demon saved you." Dipper says as y/n looks at me confused.
"What?" She says confused as I sigh.
"Y/n I haven't been completely honest to you, about who I am." I say as she looks at Mabel and Dipper and then back at me.
"Bill, what do you mean," y/n
"You see I'm not Bill Carson...I'm Bill Cipher..." I say letting my eyes turn yellow. Y/n quickly stands up and slaps me hard.
"Explain now," she shouts as I sigh.
"Here goes nothing," I mumble.


Me: Hi!
Bill: Hi...
Me: So how do you guys like the turn of events?
Bill: It's awful now my little princess hates me! *pouts*
Me: Oh poor Billy-Willy. *baby talk*
Bill: Shut is Roxie or I will sew your mouth shut! *angry*
Me: Okay! Sorry, well I best go! Bill will you dye the honors?
Bill: Reality is a allusion... The Universe is a lie... Buy gold bye...

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