Chapter 4 I can't love her...

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Your pov

"It's been so long since we left the Shack!" I whine sitting upside down on the couch.
"We should go out! It would be fun!" Mabel shouts finishing up Waddles new sweater.
"Go out and do what?" Bill says walking out of the kitchen, with Doritos.
"Why don't we go to the pool. It is hot out." Dipper says looking up from the TV.
"Ooo! I haven't been to the pool yet." I say happily sitting up.
"You have a pool here?" Bill says plopping down next to me.
"Yes, Bill there is a pool here. Just because we are in some small town doesn't mean we don't have a pool." Mabel says, putting Waddles in his sweater.
"I thought there would be a lake instead of a pool." Bill says, setting his Dorito bag in between us. I sit up right next to him stealing a few chips. "Hey! Those are mine!" Bill whines as I eat up the chips I stole.
"Not anymore they are my tummies." I say sticking my tongue out at him. Before Bill can kill me for stealing his chips, Dipper interjects.
"We do have a lake but it's mostly used for fishing." Dipper says, as I steal the Doritos from him.
"Y/n! Those are mine!" Bill shouts, making me giggle.
"Like I said before they are now my tummies." I say giggling, Bill sits there pouting. "Guys look I upset the little baby." I baby talk as Mabel burst out laughing. "I'm so sorry baby Bill, but Doritos are just too good." I say as I walk up stairs with the bag in hand. Mabel chasing after me. "We will be up stairs getting ready to go to the pool!" I shout as we run up to the bedroom.

Bill's pov

"Y/n! Please those are my chips. Will you please give them back." I whine leaning against the bedroom door.
"Nope," is all I here from y/n. The door opens and Mabel steps out.
"Dipper here is your swim trunks." She says handing Dipper his things.
"Thanks," he says walking down the hall to the bathroom.
"What about me?" I ask, as Mabel looks at me.
"You'll have to wait till y/n gets out. She seems to have misplaced her bikini." Mabel says walking off. My face flushes, at the thought of y/n in a bikini. Then I shake me head, of the thought. 'Bill no! Your not falling for a flesh bag. Who has gorgeous eyes, and lovely hair.....Bill no! But she is so cute, and her personality is like none I have encountered...I said no!' I sigh and place my forehead against the door.
"Y/n plea-" I start only to stop due to myself falling forward onto someone.
"Bill," I here y/n say from underneath me. I look to see I'm hovering over her, my knee in between her two legs and my arms on either side of her face.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to fall on top of you." I say blushing, not even thinking of how close we are.
"Bill-" she starts as but I cut her off with my rambling.
"It's all my fault, I shouldn't have been leaning against the door. I-" I start but y/n stops me from speaking anymore.
"Bill, it's fine, just let get off of me." She says with a red face.
"Oh! Yeah sorry," I say getting up and helping her up.
"Thanks and here are your Doritos. I have to much of a heart to steal anything." She says smiling, handing me my chips.
"Thanks!" I say grabbing them, making her giggle.
"I will leave you to get dressed." She says walking out of the room. I watch her walk out in her ripped jean shorts and tank top. Then I slap myself hard across the face.
"No way Bill," I say closing the door. "Your are not going to fall in love. You don't even know if she likes you. So you shouldn't like her." I say as I snap my fingers getting into a black pair of trunks. "Now let's go to the pool." I say to myself as I walk out.

~Time skip!~

"Y/n! Come on the water is great!" I shout as Mabel jumps in.
"Yeah n/n come on in!" Mabel yells doing a back stroke.
"Okay, guys I'm coming!" Y/n says, as I glance over to see her toss off the over sized shirt she was where. To reveal her in her f/c bikini. I feel my face heat up as she stands on the edge of the pool.
"So what do you think?" She say gesturing to her swimsuit.
"You look so cute n/n." Mabel says as I stare at y/n in aww.
"Bill? Earth to Bill?" She says hoping into the pool.
"Oh! You look amazing!" I say rubbing the back of my neck.
"Thanks Bill," she says blushing a bit.
"Guys come on, let's race to the deep end of the pool and see who is the fastest!" Mabel shouts, cheerfully.
"What about Dipping sauce?" Y/n ask as Mabel rolls her eyes.
"Romeo is talking to Pacifica." Mabel says as we look over to see Pinetree talking with Pacifica.
"You have to admit they are pretty cute together," Y/n says.
"That's true, but let's get started!" Mabel shouts, as we all get ready. "Okay on the count of three! One, two, and three!" She shouts as we all start swimming. I speed ahead quickly kicking my feet. I have to admit I might be using a little magic, to help me.
"I'm winning!" I taunt, slow lying down a bit.
"Oh really Dorito boy?" Y/n says racing right past me. Shocked I pause for a minute then speed up caring up to her. I reach the end the deep end only to have y/n waiting for me.
"How did you bet me? I'm the best." I say as Mabel, catches up to us.
"Because I'm not full of myself. Oh and I forgot to say this earlier. You look pretty amazing too." She says blushing a little, the swimming off. I stay there my face heating up. 'Bill I can't believe it. But you're falling for a mortal girl. A gorgeous mortal girl...'


Me: Hi!
Bill: Hello flesh bags!
Me: Bill be nice!
Bill: I am, being nice can't you tell?
Me: *rolls eyes* Whatever, so I hope you guys loved the update!
Bill: I know I liked seeing reader-chan in a bikini! She look fantastic!
Me: Bill! *whacks him*
Bill: Sorry! I'm just stating the facts.
Me: *sighs* Well I better go my dear readers! Bill would do the honors?
Bill: With pleasure! *clears throat* Reality is a illusion! The universe is a lie! Buy gold, Bye!

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