Chapter 15 I'm nothing...

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Mabel's pov

"Mabel I'm going out!" Y/n shouts as I look at her.
"In that?!" I shout as I see her outfit. She is wearing shorts with rip holes. A tight dark green tank top, black combat books, and a leather jacket.
"Yeah what's wrong with it." She ask looking at me with glowing green eyes.
"It's all to small! Plus when did you get a leather jacket," Mabel ask.
"Since I gave her it," Cole says. He walks down the stairs and stands next to y/n. "And may I add how cute you look in princess."
"Thank you darling." She says giving him a kiss in the cheek. My jaw drops as I stare at them shocked and confused.
"Y/n I thought you were upset about Bill," I ask.
"Who's Bill," she ask.
"You know that blonde guy who was your boyfriend? You were just up stairs isolation get your thoughts together about breaking up with him." I say as she looks confused.
"I've never had a boyfriend named Bill. The only boyfriend I've had is Cole." She says as he holds her hand.
"Well if you will excuse us we will be going." Cole says as him and y/n leave. I stand there then shake my head quickly.
"I have to tell Dipper!" I shout running downstairs to Ford's lab. "Guys! Something-." I start but stop see Dipper and Ford talking.
"How did he even take the pieces with out me noticing?" Ford ask himself as Dipper sighs. "And we let him into our home, we didn't think about it twice, but he was just that demon!" Ford says slamming his fist into metal table leaving a dent.
"Grunkel Ford it's not your fault," Dipper says.
"Guy," I ask as they both look at me.
"What is it," Ford and Dipper ask.
"Something is wrong with y/n she isn't crying over Bill anymore." I start only to be cut off by Dipper.
"That's good! Now she can come help us make a plan to destroy that Dorito." Dipper says as I sigh.
"You didn't let me finish. And she is going out with Cole, as if she has been dating him all summer," I say. They look at me confused then look at each other.
"Was there anything odd about her," Dipper ask.
"Well......ummmmm....oh yeah! Her eyes looked weird. They seemed to be green and glowing. Plus she doesn't even remember Bill." I say they look at each other concerned.
"Mabel remember how Bill said he was working for another more powerful demon?" Dipper asked me as I nod.
"Well...what if that guy is the demon..." Dipper says as my eyes open wide.
"As much as I hate this idea...we have to try it." Ford says as we both look at him.
"What is it," Dipper and I ask in unison.
"We need to talk to Bill," he says grimly.

Bill's pov

"How could I have thought that y/n would stay with me after I told her the truth. I'm such an idiot!" I shout stabbing my arm with a knife again. "I don't understand why humans don't do this? It really relieves stress, plus pain is hilarious." I say laughing just the tiniest bit, but then sigh.
"Gosh I sound like an idiot." I say closing my eyes and putting my head in my hands. I look up and see my mindscape.
"Bill we need to talk to you." I hear a familiar voice say.
"Ford, I presume you are here to make me feel even worse than I already am." I say looking behind me to see Dipper, Mabel, and Ford.
"No not at all," Ford says.
"Then why did you summon me?" I ask walking over to them.
"It's about y/n," Dipper says.
"What happened to her?! Is she okay?! Where is she?! Do I need to go and destroy someone?!" I say freaking out and getting worried.
"We will let Mabel explain." Dipper says as I look at her.
"Okay, y/n isn't herself..." Mabel says as I look at her confused.
"What do you mean?" I ask her as she frowns.
"She doesn't remember you a all," Mabel says.
"Of course, she has I would want to forget about me too if I was her." I say crossing my arms frowning.
"No I mean she forgot about you, like she doesn't remember you at all! Please her eyes make her look like she is under some spell." Mabel says as I look at her concerned.
"Who was she with last," I ask.
"Cole," she says.
"Why that jerk," I shout.
"Bill who really is Cole," Dipper ask.
"He is a dream demon named Yayha. A demon who plans to take over the world," I say.
"The one you made a deal with," Mabel ask.
"Yeah... And before you ask, I can't defeat him," I say.
"Yes you can," Dipper says encouraging me.
"No I can't. Yayha took most of my powers. All I have is weak powers like teleporting, changing clothes, and fire balls. I'm nothing against him." I say looking down at the ground.
"Bill you've changed over this summer from what I've seen. I know that you don't need all your powers to defeat that demon." Ford says putting an hand on my shoulder. I look up at him and he smiles. I smile a little.
"Thanks, you know what I'll fight Yayha on one condition," I say.
"What is it," Ford ask.
"Pinetree, Shooting Star, and you Ford will help me," I say smiling.
"You can count on it," they all say in unison.

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