Chapter 3 Your hired!

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Your pov

I wake up slightly and hear a light snoring behind me. As I become more awake I feel two arms wrapped around me, and my back against something warm. I turn trying not to make to much sound, and see Bill laying there. Then I also realize I am on the bed, not the floor. Blush crawls over my cheek as he pulls me closer.

"Bill?" I whisper as I poke his arm lightly. All he did was scrunch up his face and pull me closer. So I poked him again and whispered a little louder, "Bill." He sighs and slowly opens his eyes.
"Yes?" He says as if not seeing the current situation.
"How did I end up on the bed, and in bed with you?" I ask as Bill grins a little.
"You where shivering, so I picked you up and put you in the bed. But then before I could lay down on the floor, that pig had taken the sleeping bag and was sleeping. So then I decided that I'd sleep with you. I didn't think you would mind, y/n." He whispers as I blush.
"I-I didn't m-mind it is j-just the fact that y-you're holding me." I stutter out as my blush grows brighter.
"Oh sorry," he says letting me go.
"Well I better get dressed, we will go shopping today to get you something me shrinks for you." I say as I get out of bed my then walk over to dresser. Pulling out a my outfit and boots then walk out. Realizing everyone else is down stairs.
"Everyone is probably down stairs. I will be down after I'm done getting ready." I say as Bill nods and walks out of the bedroom. I lock the door and slip off my pjs. Then put on a black shirt, with some short overalls. I brush my hair then putting it into a fishtail braid. Then get my black high top converse and slip on socks and the shoes. I walk down stairs and sit at the table next to Bill and Mabel.

"Hi (n/n)." Mabel says with a mouthful of waffle.
"Hi and gross Mabel." I say with a little laugh.
"Oops sorry." Mabel says innocently.
"Well, blondie how much money do you have?" Stan ask sitting down across from Bill.
"I don't know maybe a hundred?" Bill says as Stan's eye flash with greed.
"I will take it all for the meantime. To pay for you staying here." Stan says greedily.
"Grunkle Stan! That is terrible!" Mabel says shocked.
"Well it's not like I didn't say that yesterday." Stan says as I roll my eyes.
"Okay Stan I'll give you the money." Bill says with a sigh.
"Great!" Stan says as Stanford walks into the room with his hair a bit singed.
"Are you okay Ford?" Dipper ask as Ford sits down.
"I'm fine just one of my experiment blew up in my face." He says as he gets some waffles. He then looks over at Bill. "Hey do I know you seem familiar?"

Bill's pov

'Oh shit...what do I do! Ford is on to me!' "Nope, this is my first time here in this town. Why do you think you would know me?" I say nervously.
"It just you, you yourself seem really familiar. But I'm probably wrong." Ford says as I sigh in relief.
"Bill I know this is getting annoying with all the questions. But do you have any family?" Mabel ask, as I think. 'Well I could tell the truth with this one so I won't have to make a family.'
"No, my family die a few years back. I've been on my own since." I say, 'well a few hundred years back.'
"I'm so sorry." Y/n says concerned, looking  at me.
"It's okay, I miss them but I have to focuse on getting myself food and shelter." I lie, as Stan smiles evilly.
"Blondie how about you work for me in the shack. In exchange for food and a bed here?" Stan ask. 'Bill this is your chance take it!'
"Sure, and thanks." I say with a smile.
"Great you start today!" Stan says.
"Oh but Stan Bill needs some clothes he doesn't have any." Y/n says.
"Fine you can do that but once you get back you have to work." Stan says as we all finish up eating.
"Thank you," y/n says.
"Guys lets go!" Mabel says cheerfully, getting up.
"Okay, but do I have to go shopping?" Dipper says as him, y/n, and I get up. Walk out of the Shack.
"No, I actually have a backpack with clothes in it in a cave not to far away from here at least I think. I left it in there since the giant spider lived in there and I was sleeping in the cave. Then it saw me and I ran. You know the rest. But I think the spider will be asleep." I say as we walk into the woods.
"Okay then Bill you lead the way." Dipper says excited.

~Time skip~

"Bill I thought you says that the soused would be asleep!" Y/n shouts as we run from the spider. 'Well I didn't even think there really was a spider! Since I made it up!'
"I said that I thought it would be asleep!" I shout holding a backpack I made with my magic when we got to the cave, when no one was looking.
"This is awesome!" Dipper shouts as he takes a few pictures with his phone.
"No it's not bro bro!" Mabel shouts as I hear y/n scream. I look behind me to see here laying on the ground, holding her ankle. I rush back and pick her up and start running to catch up with Dipper and Mabel. Y/n looks at me a bit surprised, but all I do is smile.
"You didn't think I would leave you did you?" I say as we run out of the woods to stand in front of the Shack, loosing the spider.
"N-no," y/n stutters. I feel my face heat up. We walk into the Shack and I set her on the chair in front of the tv.
"I'll get the first aid!" Mabel shouts running upstairs.
"I'll make sure she can find it." Dipper says as he follows her.
"Does it hurt a lot?" I say as u Beatle touch her ankle, and she hisses in
pain. "Sorry," I say.
"It's fine, thanks for helping me out." She says the twins come down the stairs with the cost aid kit. I take it and open it taking out the bandages.
"Get her some ice." I say as I notice her ankle is swelling up.
"Got it!" The twins shout as the go to get the ice. I kneel I front of her and set her ankle on my knee. Then hold it gently as I wrap it. I look up to see her face a bit red.
"Are you okay? Your face is a bit red." I say as I finish up with her ankle.
"Y-yeah fine," she stutters out.
"We are back!" The twins shout as they come in with an ice pack. They hand it to me. Then I place it in her ankle.
"No leave this there so the swell can go down, okay?" I say as she nods. I replace my knee with a short stool, and set her ankle down gently.
"Thank you." She says as I glance over at her. That's when I notice her beautiful e/c eyes. My cheek heat up and I look away.
"Don't mention it y/n." I say.


Me: Hi!
Dipper: Hello!
Me: So I hope your liking the story so far. I know I love writing for you guys.
Dipper: She does that's all she practically does when she visits the Shack.
Me: Not true!
Dipper: Oh yeah, she also talks with Bill a lot.
Me: *rolls eyes* Anyways bye till the next chapter!
Dipper: Bye!

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